Friday, November 29, 2013

New University Football Playoff

As this playoff structure is drawn out, it's apparent that it will be a complete flop!  They say all the Conferences will have equal footing, yet with all these sub-rules it's only 'Ol Boys Politics as usual!  This panel selection will be subject to bribes and who knows what kind of anarchic decisions!  It needs to be done according to a simple formula that anyone can look at and see who are the top four schools at any time during the season.  The People won't like this purposed setup any better, maybe worst than what we've had.  I'm absolutely opposed to allowing any but Conference Champions or Independents into the final four.  Why duplicate what a seasons play has already proven?  Who can say that an undefeated midmajor school isn't worthy to compete.  When we look back at Utah or Boise State, we know they were able to hold their own!
As of right now, there are four undefeated 

DIV-1A teams left standing, so if it were the end of the season now, it should be Alabama vs Northern Illinois and Florida State vs Ohio State.  If one or more of those fall, then simply look at the one loss Conference Champions as to any head to head game first, then  strength of their schedule by coming up with a percentage of their defeated 1A opponents overall totaled won-losses.  No Committees needed!