Wednesday, June 28, 2006


The flap over the NY Times report over financial tracking of terrorists is No Fault of the Newspapers! They report the News that they are aware of. If the Government can't keep it's own Secrets, that's the Governments fault. They need to Go After those Who Leak secrets from within the Government! On another subject, the purposed taxing of Pimps on profits from prostitution; would in effect legalize prostitution. Whoever supports this kind of tax actually supports prostitution. I'm asking, do those Congressmen in Washington really have a brain between them?

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Any person volunteering for today's American Military is a real! Because the Peoples we are supposedly Freeing, are NOT receiving one of the Basic Rights we hold dear & near - 'Religious Freedom'. Our Leaders in Washington D.C. don't think they need It. So if an American Kid comes, He or She it.


Who has Lost this War in Iraq? The Answer is the person that OK'd the Iraqis to create an Islamic State! Oh, was that George Bush Jr.. So He's the one responsible for losing the Iraq & Afghanistan venture. And whoever advised him to allow those new Constitutions to negate 'freedom of religion', so that it is very lawful to execute anyone that converts to another religion from Islam. I believe I too would be rebelling and blowing people and things up if I was told I only had one religious choice. Those people are just like we are. Americans would take it to the streets if we had the Baptists write the U.S. Constitution, and All our Laws based on Baptist Beliefs, and anyone converting from being a Baptist executed. See It Through Their Eyes!