Tuesday, August 15, 2017


So I think We got through the Confederate Flag Issue on Public Property or just got through it.   Then, Pops up this Confederate Statue Thing.     This I think is a Losing Card for the Left to be Playing!     Some of these Millennials haven't Lived Long Enough or not confronted with it at public school, to know Basic Societal Common Sense in the Back & Forth of American Conversation and Problem Resolution.   Sometimes a Political Push can gain large Momentum.    But in good old American lingo, "Don't Push Your Luck"!     Trying to Grab too must at once will undoubtedly get your Hand Slapped by Grandma! or by GOD Hisself.  Everything must be thought through and done correctly.    No One can Have Everything they want!  No One Ever-Will in this World !  or Group or Cause !   This Racial Left backed up by CNN & MSNBC  are Pushing to Their Own Hurt !
        I believe We as a Nation will get through this Conf. Statue  (one Statue represents Thousands of Americans that died on a Battlefield here within our nation) Controversy, not by Rioting or a 3-2 City Council Vote.    For each Statue in Question a more Fair Resolution would be to hold a Local Referendum on that Statue's Removal or No!     Just as We can Not Unwrite History, Never believe that Removing it will Ever Change the Facts that Set It There !!
    Proverbs 22:28(NKJV)   Do not remove the ancient landmark Which your fathers have set.

Saturday, July 01, 2017


Saw today, an interview with a family in Texas
having a Child with Spina bifida.
The father said he had a Good Job.
They said they were Middle Income. We need to remember with our Budget Difficulties and the Fact that
the "Poor will always be with us":
All money coming from
the US Treasury to 'Take Care of Our Own' -the 'Most Vulnerable',
must be on a 'Means-Test Basis' !!!            So that the People that Need It will Get it !!!!

                American Citizens Only !!
That goes for Food Stamp, Housing,
All The Types of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid,
Etc,  Etc.
    Where is that Right Level  ??   And, Who 'Should' Pay More ??
                    We Don't Need To Be Another India.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

GOP Health Plan

                    "A BILL WITH A HEART" ...
         ..  fool me twice, shame on me  .....
                                          ..   'HE'S LYING AGAIN'

                               ART OF THE LIE    
                 by   Donald J. Trump

photos:   theatlantic.com

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Please Send this Letter to Your U.S. Republican Senators. With your own Story in support of Medicaid and/or Other Beneficial Programs that have made America, the Geatest Nation in History.

   I don't know how you'd be able to Live with Yourself.   If you would join in taking Healthcare in the form of Medicaid away from Poor Parents, that are Birthing and Raising the Future of Our Nation.    I needed Medicaid when my wife and I had Our two daughters in the early 90's for the Prenatal Care and Deliveries,  then as well when both Daughters had to spend a week apiece in the Hospital for Breathing Difficulties and also later in early childhood for various Aliments they had incurred.    I remember at one point we had a $2000 bill from a Doctor or Hospital.   I was only making Minimum Wage.  That $2000 seemed insurmountable at the time, yet Medicaid came through for Us.    It was such a Great Relief for Us to have Childhood Medicaid there filling in the Gap!     Now I'm expecting to be a first time Grandfather.   Yet I'm not sure how my oldest Girl and Her Husband are paying for Prenatal and Delivery and the Expenses that will come to them, as they are head over heels in Student Debt at this time.  They are still trying to further their Education.
  How under The Lord's Sun can You Think about Giving the Wealthiest Americans Additional Taxation Reprieves, when We are 20 + Trillions in Debt, and dong that at the Expense of Little Children!      I hope You will be able to think up a good Excuse when it is your turn to Stand before God Almighty !     I and millions more did not vote for Hillary in November because We've had it up over our Eyeballs with the Vast Homosexual Agenda, Anti Israel, Anti Gun, which She Stood for.    But for the Republicans to Stab Us and America in the Back like this, taking away needed programs and Ignoring the National Debt by Lowering Taxes on the Wealthiest is just beyond the Pale !           A Backlash of Those that Gave Trump the Election is ON THE WAY !  And for Republican Senators that support His Hellacious  Agenda, as well !

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Common Sense not Greed Ought Rule the USA.

Yeah Some Anti-Poverty Programs have gotten 'Out of Hand' , but not Worker-Protection Safety Net SSDI. (as well a great many Elder & Disabled rely on the Food Stamp-SNAP. --- Plus, The Working Poor Intact Families very much need Medicaid for their Children's Sake) !
Mostly Those Programs that have Broken Up Homes, so Women can kick-out and Divorce their Husbands, leaving A Women as Head of House with multiple mouths to feed......are to blame for too much Government Giveaway!
   Very Many Labor and other unskilled Jobs do not even come up to a Living Wage. Often Veterans end-up with those Jobs too!
    Can't expect a Business Owner that is entirely Financially Secure from the Sweat of his Workers and those 8 to 5 Workers to pay the same $10,000 / yr. for Taxes.?   This is why we've Never Paid Off
the National Debt since Andrew Jackson's Day. The Rich don't
want to pay their Rightful Share.   
You'd feel entirely different if suddenly you were Disabled Somehow and Completely Penniless !
I use to be a strict Libertarian like you, until Life came knocking on My Door!
Do you actually know what a 'Regressive' Tax is ? Like a Sales Tax or a Flat Tax ?
Warren Buffet paying 20% of all his Big Income and Joe Shmoe up the street also paying 20% on his $35k wages.....That's too much for Joe to afford and it's pocket change for Warren..
..That's 'Regressive' !
A 'Great Nation' Will Take Care of It's Own,
   Not Cast It's People into the Gutter
Deuteronomy 15:11 ----- Isaiah 58:10

Monday, May 22, 2017

ART of the LIE !

1. We're not going to touch your Social Security !
Yet in his budget proposal, It is said, he is Targeting Social Security Disability, which I'm On and millions of Others who worked and paid into the System until unable to work further and find another job: Yet he wants to Create Trillions of Dollars of Negative Revenue
for The Already Rich Lifestyle.
2. We will not allow Americans to Die on the Streets !
Well according to the above, when Persons
Social Security Disability is Cut Off, Many WILL DIE ON THE STREETS. So, those that are already wealthy can acquire more stuff. All Americans that have worked hard and payed into SS, need to have a little bit of the American Dream and Retire with some semblance of Dignity! We don't choose to be disabled and the testing is extreme. With labor wages over the last 40 years being what they've been, Social Security Disability has been part of the DEAL for
taking Care of Our Own !
3. I'm going to tear up the Iran Agreement !
4. I'll Order the Embassy in Israel be moved
to Jerusalem !
5. We'll End the Johnson Amendment, which prevents
Freedom of Speech from All Houses of Worship !


Tuesday, May 02, 2017

H NO to Trump's Big Tax Cut for Himself. > Big Deficits for the rest of US

image from: pbs.org
image from: yesmagazine.org
                                                               DT won't tell US what he's paid the last ten years, and he's not going to tell US how much LESS he intends to pay the next Ten with his 'Tax Plan'.
He's definitely NOT WORKING on the DEBT ->
              $20 000 000 000 000.
            When IT hits Bottom, the Poor will be Crushed First.

          Government Shutdown ?:   What happens to all the People that are receiving any type of Social Security?  
 They won't be able to pay their rent, utilities, put gasoline in their cars, on & on.           Resulting in a major meltdown in the economy !
                                         Just go through all the Cabinet Departments and rip
all the unnecessary, worthless expenditures out of the Budget!
                  The richest Americans should pay income tax of 38% with NO deductions, shelters, loopholes, or any kind of Offsets on every kind of Income including Inheritance, and Capital Gains!     The poorest Americans ought to pay 1% on their yearly incomes including
Social Security, etc.    I'm tired of hearing  that the poor pay nothing!     
             So that's 38 Income Tax Brackets, evenly spaced !
     -No Corporate Taxes, or any kind of Tax on any Business Enterprise.    
          Eliminate all Sales or Vat Taxes. 
                                  They are Regressive!      
    Put Tariff Tax on every import that has
some kind of 'Defense' Use !    So that We
     will build up Our Own Defense Industries !