Monday, April 23, 2018

Solution for Mass Murders

Mass Murders will NEVER Cease unless the Killer despite Mental Level or Age, be Given a Swift Death Penalty.
          If You Disagree, YOU are Part of the PROBLEM !

So I don't want to hear you Complain Again about Guns or Whatever.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Brainwashed Youth of America

 If it weren't for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, there would be no USA remaining today (which is what the leaders of this March actually Want ! A Land where those who speak out against the Homosexual Agenda or Abortion will be picked up in black sedans in the middle of the night and then Never Ever Seen again ! A nation where also Seniors of Humble Means are Dispatched Early! 
Because WE are Armed, They Can't Proceed to That ! France is halfway there, as protest against 
Abortion is already Unlawful .)
Without the Minutemen and the OverMountain Militia and thousands like those documented in the Movie 'Patriot'; without those 'Arms' already in the Arms of Americans, Britain would have won handily the Revolutionary War! So today we living East of the Rocky Mts would be Speaking German, and those Dictatorships; as WE Know Britain would have been Overrun twice in the 20th century if not for the 'Armed' US. . To the West of the Rocky Mts, Japan would certainly be IN CHARGE, and in no way a Democratic One !!

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Taking from the Poor to Give to the Rich.     The Republican Tax Plan reprieving the Super Wealthy from Fair-Due-Taxes and Stated Goals of Discontinuing Social Security Disability and Safety Net Programs such as Medicaid for Needy Families and Children.
                PROVERBS 22:16     Whoever oppresses the poor to enrich himself and whoever gives gifts to the wealthy will yield only loss.   (ISV)

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Final Four 2017 College Football Playoff.

As I designed the College Football Four School Playoff:
       These are the Results for 2017.
    Number One Seed is UNDEFEATED             

'University of Central Florida'
  (the Largest University in America)    12 wins  -  0 losses
  will play  #4 Seed  'Oklahoma'  Big XII Conference Champion with  11 wins - 1 loss on the season.     I suggest in the Sugar Bowl.
     Oklahoma's Strength of Schedule was at .497,  so the Other 'One Loss' Conference Champions will be the
#2 and #3 Seed!
       Two Seed   'Clemson'  12 wins - 1 loss  with a Strength of Schedule of .650  will play
       Three Seed 'Georgia'    12 wins - 1 loss  whom had a Strength of Schedule of .563
                             I suggest at the Rose Bowl.
              As designed, All Undefeated Teams on the Season get the Highest Seed, followed by One Loss Schools, and then two loss if needed.     Only Conference Champions or an Independent may be in the Four Team College Playoff !    Then Head to Head and finally
Strength of Schedule break ties.
                         This is the fairest way to determine the four finalists and their seed position.
   Strength of Schedule is obtained by looking at a teams completed schedule and totaling the overall wins and losses of defeated Div I-A opponents including the Conf. Championship opponent again.  Then dividing to get a percentage as in the form above.

Saturday, December 02, 2017


Right Now is 02Dec17  Sat 21:08 CST....
    The Sports announcers on Fox where the
Oh St. - Wis  game is on are a bit confused.   If Wisconsin does not win this game, the Big X   WILL NOT be represented in the Final Four Playoff !!

    Ohio State has already LOST this Season to OKLAHOMA and IOWA
        If Wisconsin can win they will hold the number One seed for the College Playoff for going undefeated, 
University of Central Florida (the Largest University in the United States) is number Two seed for being 12-0 this Season!

       Then the One Lost teams who are Conference Champions will have their Strength of Schedule Compared to fill in the Final Two Slots !       Which would probably be Georgia  and either Clemson or Oklahoma.  
    NO Big 'Political Committee' Required.    Only the WINS & LOSSES that the Players have put up this Season.    Beginning with the Premise that ALL the SCHOOLS in DIVISION I-A are EQUAL COMING IN (if this isn't the case then Change the DIVISIONS IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL ! ! !!!

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Huckster -- Paul Ryan

                          Here's his entire diatribe this morning:

He begins by stating that an average Family would rake-in $1182./mo. more take home pay under a Republican Tax plan.
In addition he Claimed that if passed everyone's Employer would just feel so happy to hand out Pay Raises All Around ! ?
We know by Experience that the Republicans are really Great at One Thing, that is hauling Dollars Up in Buckets to the Mega Rich. They keep fooling US with these 'Tax-Cut' Plans. Better Yet, they NEVER Pay the Nation's BILLS !! 20.5 Trillion & Rising.
What are ways the Republicans have specified within this past year to Pay for their TaxCut ? Trump' Economic Team began Immediately "Improving People's Lives" by cutting Food Stamps, Programs for Children & Elders, and one Item they said they'd get done after Passing their 'Entitlement for the Rich' this Year, 'Social Security Disability' It's one of the Benefits Our Nation allows after Paying In. For me I was in the Labor Force 38 years before my disability became too much to continue the struggle making a living for myself!
Yes, I pay no income tax and a smaller Property tax, but my entire subsistence is Social Security Disability and a very small Veterans Disability Pension, together totaling $1149./mo.
The Republicans are now saying, they need it to take for their own.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

South Texas Church Shooting Murders

This was Religiously motivated in part, he was a Strident Atheist and his Hate occurred in a Church!
      The points that stand out to me about this American Calamity are the 'Slap-on-the-Wrist', Nobody is to Blame, Punishment is Bad -Mentality, we have
here in the United States !   That is a Liberal Generated Mindset, those same minds that want to remove weapons from Citizens.  The reason they want to take Arms from anyone they can, is to build an Illegal Government after their Own Image, that certainly would not be a Free State but a Dictatorship that would kill many more !
      OK this man dragged, slugged his pet Dog, and what punishment occurred ?   One and a half year 'Probation'.  Probation accomplishes nothing in finding the root of Deviant Behavior that Harsh Animal Abuse is !   He should of received a year and half of Psychological Evaluation in the State Prison System !   Also I'm alerting my readers here, that We have very many Societal Problem due to Budget Crunches, which is not helped whatsoever by the well-to-do refusing to pay their Share in Taxes, instead with their political clout pushing through more Sales/Regressive taxes on the poor, which will not make up for the deficits!!!
    If that wasn't enough to signal-out this Human Time Bomb; What he did to the Child under his Supervision, deliberately Cracking it's Skull. (or is that different in what We Accept from Abortion?)
Where I come from that is grounds for putting someone away for Life!
  Now, the U.S. Air Force took the prize in 'Slap-the-Wrist' punishments, by giving Him Only One Year in Jail
followed by a Discharge!  
  That Air Force Prosecutor certainly possesses lots of Hutzpah to get on TV and admit that He was part of such a Brain-Dead Decision, and saying Such Violence upon Children was "Common" in Military Families!    Our Nation Needs to 'Un-Common' It
by the Use of 'Proper Punishments' !!!!!!!