Friday, May 11, 2018



Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Basics of Civilization

                 NO Way America can Pull Back from the Brink, If this Person is Approved for CIA.


Saturday, May 05, 2018


I am so tired of hearing about high dollar Prostitutes, Cheerleaders taking off their tops,
Women choosing to go home with Bill Cosby. 
I'm definitely for Monogamous male/female Relationships.

But Sorry Ladies All that's on YOU.
That's what YOU CHOSE To Do ! 

But let's be decent and leave it
OUT of the National News !!!!!!!!!!! 

There are More Important Things Happening Right NOW.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Solution for Mass Murders

Mass Murders will NEVER Cease unless the Killer despite Mental Level or Age, be Given a Swift Death Penalty.
          If You Disagree, YOU are Part of the PROBLEM !

So I don't want to hear you Complain Again about Guns or Whatever.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Brainwashed Youth of America

 If it weren't for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, there would be no USA remaining today (which is what the leaders of this March actually Want ! A Land where those who speak out against the Homosexual Agenda or Abortion will be picked up in black sedans in the middle of the night and then Never Ever Seen again ! A nation where also Seniors of Humble Means are Dispatched Early! 
Because WE are Armed, They Can't Proceed to That ! France is halfway there, as protest against 
Abortion is already Unlawful .)
Without the Minutemen and the OverMountain Militia and thousands like those documented in the Movie 'Patriot'; without those 'Arms' already in the Arms of Americans, Britain would have won handily the Revolutionary War! So today we living East of the Rocky Mts would be Speaking German, and those Dictatorships; as WE Know Britain would have been Overrun twice in the 20th century if not for the 'Armed' US. . To the West of the Rocky Mts, Japan would certainly be IN CHARGE, and in no way a Democratic One !!

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Taking from the Poor to Give to the Rich.     The Republican Tax Plan reprieving the Super Wealthy from Fair-Due-Taxes and Stated Goals of Discontinuing Social Security Disability and Safety Net Programs such as Medicaid for Needy Families and Children.
                PROVERBS 22:16     Whoever oppresses the poor to enrich himself and whoever gives gifts to the wealthy will yield only loss.   (ISV)

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Final Four 2017 College Football Playoff.

As I designed the College Football Four School Playoff:
       These are the Results for 2017.
    Number One Seed is UNDEFEATED             

'University of Central Florida'
  (the Largest University in America)    12 wins  -  0 losses
  will play  #4 Seed  'Oklahoma'  Big XII Conference Champion with  11 wins - 1 loss on the season.     I suggest in the Sugar Bowl.
     Oklahoma's Strength of Schedule was at .497,  so the Other 'One Loss' Conference Champions will be the
#2 and #3 Seed!
       Two Seed   'Clemson'  12 wins - 1 loss  with a Strength of Schedule of .650  will play
       Three Seed 'Georgia'    12 wins - 1 loss  whom had a Strength of Schedule of .563
                             I suggest at the Rose Bowl.
              As designed, All Undefeated Teams on the Season get the Highest Seed, followed by One Loss Schools, and then two loss if needed.     Only Conference Champions or an Independent may be in the Four Team College Playoff !    Then Head to Head and finally
Strength of Schedule break ties.
                         This is the fairest way to determine the four finalists and their seed position.
   Strength of Schedule is obtained by looking at a teams completed schedule and totaling the overall wins and losses of defeated Div I-A opponents including the Conf. Championship opponent again.  Then dividing to get a percentage as in the form above.