Thursday, November 09, 2017

Huckster -- Paul Ryan

                          Here's his entire diatribe this morning:

He begins by stating that an average Family would rake-in $1182./mo. more take home pay under a Republican Tax plan.
In addition he Claimed that if passed everyone's Employer would just feel so happy to hand out Pay Raises All Around ! ?
We know by Experience that the Republicans are really Great at One Thing, that is hauling Dollars Up in Buckets to the Mega Rich. They keep fooling US with these 'Tax-Cut' Plans. Better Yet, they NEVER Pay the Nation's BILLS !! 20.5 Trillion & Rising.
What are ways the Republicans have specified within this past year to Pay for their TaxCut ? Trump' Economic Team began Immediately "Improving People's Lives" by cutting Food Stamps, Programs for Children & Elders, and one Item they said they'd get done after Passing their 'Entitlement for the Rich' this Year, 'Social Security Disability' It's one of the Benefits Our Nation allows after Paying In. For me I was in the Labor Force 38 years before my disability became too much to continue the struggle making a living for myself!
Yes, I pay no income tax and a smaller Property tax, but my entire subsistence is Social Security Disability and a very small Veterans Disability Pension, together totaling $1149./mo.
The Republicans are now saying, they need it to take for their own.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

South Texas Church Shooting Murders

This was Religiously motivated in part, he was a Strident Atheist and his Hate occurred in a Church!
      The points that stand out to me about this American Calamity are the 'Slap-on-the-Wrist', Nobody is to Blame, Punishment is Bad -Mentality, we have
here in the United States !   That is a Liberal Generated Mindset, those same minds that want to remove weapons from Citizens.  The reason they want to take Arms from anyone they can, is to build an Illegal Government after their Own Image, that certainly would not be a Free State but a Dictatorship that would kill many more !
      OK this man dragged, slugged his pet Dog, and what punishment occurred ?   One and a half year 'Probation'.  Probation accomplishes nothing in finding the root of Deviant Behavior that Harsh Animal Abuse is !   He should of received a year and half of Psychological Evaluation in the State Prison System !   Also I'm alerting my readers here, that We have very many Societal Problem due to Budget Crunches, which is not helped whatsoever by the well-to-do refusing to pay their Share in Taxes, instead with their political clout pushing through more Sales/Regressive taxes on the poor, which will not make up for the deficits!!!
    If that wasn't enough to signal-out this Human Time Bomb; What he did to the Child under his Supervision, deliberately Cracking it's Skull. (or is that different in what We Accept from Abortion?)
Where I come from that is grounds for putting someone away for Life!
  Now, the U.S. Air Force took the prize in 'Slap-the-Wrist' punishments, by giving Him Only One Year in Jail
followed by a Discharge!  
  That Air Force Prosecutor certainly possesses lots of Hutzpah to get on TV and admit that He was part of such a Brain-Dead Decision, and saying Such Violence upon Children was "Common" in Military Families!    Our Nation Needs to 'Un-Common' It
by the Use of 'Proper Punishments' !!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

More Halloween Bike Path Murderers Out There !

Whenever there are multiple murder victims, as in the NYC Bike Path Mayhem of Halloween 2017, every effort must be made by Law Enforcement to determine Who may have known of the Killer's Plot beforehand, and
made NO EFFORT to come forward in
Reporting it to the Authorities. 
     For Those Persons are
Just as Guilty of Murder as the Killer is !!
In that Murder, there were eight victims which can Never Speak for Themselves Again.
The Muslim Maniac is surely responsible for the first person he mowed-down to the grave.   Seven more 'Murderers' may still be roaming Free, not brought to Justice ! 
The Death Sentence is the Just Penalty
for 100% Sure Cases of Murder.
     It's hard to believe that his Wife wasn't somehow aware of his Planning.
 Why have We as an Advanced Computer Nation, not closed down by Now,
Terrorist Information and Directives coming into Our Nation over the Web ??
     Are the Police / FBI and Prosecutors only being LAZY, not wanting to Investigate Further?
Do We Want to
Close-Down Terrorism in the U.S.A. or Not ? ?

Monday, October 30, 2017

What Citizens United has Wrought

To Buy thine Own Government !  This is the Current Status Quo !   From the Crime of the Clinton Family to the Bold Lies of the Trump Campaign.  With his and the Republican Tax Plans, the Wealthy are now out to Claim their Revenue 'Entitlements'!   As Well, Crass Enough to state out loud that they will steal from the most vulnerable to do just that !
Those crazy Republicans are so penny-pinching at Debt Ceiling Time, then at Budget Time, they are like 'Bust that Budget to Pieces',  Anything for more more more Negative Revenue and National Debt Increasing for Years; Kicking that Can down the Road for Our Children's Children to become a Third World Dictatorship Nation !   
We are heading there now, with High Crimes and Misdemeanors and Investigations for this that and Everything.  The Media boldly lying through it's teeth.  Selling Out the Nation for Personal Profit!    Collapsing from within and without. 

Friday, October 13, 2017


Now isn't a Big Program that
The Affordable Care Act curtails, have to be Changed by the whole Congress. Isn't this what we've been going through the past Six Months, and Congress has Rejected Trump's purposed Changes on each Attempt !
We don't have a 'King' any longer, so how is the President taking upon
his-self to Change ACA all by his Lonesome????
I know the Constitution Ordains
The President to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”
Think Tanks tell US This clause,
requires the President to enforce all valid Acts of Congress,
regardless of his own Administration's view of their wisdom or policy.
Failure to Comply with The Constitution, which is
The "Supreme Law of the Land" would be at the least
a 'High Crime or Misdemeanor'!

President Trump announced Thursday he would end billions in subsidies for the health care of Americans with modest incomes. Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images ---
-- google/jeff dunham walter pic

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Trump's Tax Plan

One Page Return....Are You Kidding Me ??       That will provide for leaving quite a few Zeros-Off that Page by the Ultra Rich and All the Dead-Beats in the Land ! 
    Not that Tax Evasion has been a Problem in Our Nation Up to Now !
  Raising Taxes on the Poorest and Lowering Taxes for Wealthy Americans, and all sent in on a single-page return. Leaves a lot of Room for Increasing Deficits and Tax Evasion ! !
   Now is not the time to Give the Rich more more more, which means the rest of US get less less less, primarily in Inflation from the Resulting Continuing National Deficits that these
Wealthy Politicians NEVER PAY!

   THINK ABOUT IT; Is it a Great Time to Slash Revenues, to Borrow Money Once Again from Red China after Weve been struck with three terrible Hurricanes, and Americans with No Homes or Processions Left ?   I THINK NOT !!!!!!!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Here's a Note I sent to My U.S. Senators. You can copy and do the Same !

Hello, Senator.    Today on my Radio I heard a Public Service Message from the Labor Dept.  It was very Disturbing.  
    In History, for instance in the Jim Crow South before Lynchings and Such, it would be seen that Negros in Caricature would be pictured as Fiends and Buffoons.  This allowed the Racists room in their minds to Murder Blacks.    Also, the Nazis had to draw an Image and downgrade the Jews in the minds of Germans before they just started Killing Them in Gas Chambers.       
    This Labor Department message, I think must of been straight from the desk of President Trump, as I've never heard anything like it before.    In this Government Sponsored  Message  it portrayed Americans that are utilizing
the 'Unemployment Insurance (UI) program'
as Revenue-Sucking 'Dracula Monsters', for needing to
put food on the Table for Themselves and Children.
             Look into this kind of Thing and Please Stop It.
       Just change the regulations within the Program if it needs Tweaking; but Please