Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Well, the Ebola Crisis is clearly being mismanaged by the Obama Administration.      
       Common Sense Must Rule Every Decision concerning this Killer Virus!
            Sending our Military Personnel to Africa, doesn't meet the Common Sense Criteria!     Our Military men and women may of signed-up knowing they may take a bullet, however not so much a deadly pathogen. 
             Allowing Commercial Flights into the U.S. from the heart of this epidemic in West Africa:  Not Even Smart!   One man already has come in, Thomas Duncan and spread the disease to two Americans.  How many others have come now and spread this Virus unbeknown to anyone since Barack has said Okey-Dokey Let Em come ?!
    We've been told that only four specializing hospitals in the U.S. are properly equipped to hold Ebola Patients.   So why then wasn't Thomas Duncan moved to one of those?  Why was he left at the unprepared Hospital in Dallas?
    Ebola is Obama's Katrina.    Maybe Worst for America!
      Some people actually believe that there are too many persons living on the earth today.   Some formulate ideas to eliminate, others than themselves from being life forms.  So when a Disease Comes Along killing people left and right, some of these same persons may welcome it.    Is our President one of them?