Friday, December 19, 2014

Six Years Ago I posted this Entry, on HOW TO BRING DOWN GASOLINE PRICES.

I'm reposting it today, so We can Redouble Our Efforts in following my Plan.  Now that Gasoline Prices are coming down, there is no excuse that other items in Our Grocery and Department Stores should not also be costing less, as transportation costs are passed along!
At that time the U.S.average was about $3.94/gall. & topped out in July of that year. 
However if the National Debt is not Strangled Into Submission, there is No Hope that Inflation Will Not Destroy Our Nation, The USA.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How to Bring Gasoline Way-Down.

We have no leadership in the USA! Our elected officials are suppose to watch out for the General Welfare of the People! Because of the effect the private campaign financing system that has evolved, our leadership now consists of the 'Take the Money & Run' type personalities. Why would our leaders allow gasoline prices to get out of hand like it has, and we're being told by them, "You peons have seen nothing yet"! Either they are complete morons (and can't figure out how to solve the problem), or they are pocketing somehow the money we are paying at the pump or are already so wealthy that the gasoline prices haven't pinched them yet, and are buying into Al Gore's preaching that the U.S. must lead by example and force gas prices so high that the peons can't pollute the planet anymore. What they don't see in that regard is that the other nations don't operate the same as the U.S. and Americans are left bearing the pain at the pump when others are drilling and refining more of their own oil. But the Eco-Loonies(they believe they are going to save their own skin at the expense of everyone Else's) are running America and the World following, into the ground! These prices not only effect our personal auto budgets, but will begin a irreversible snowball effect raising every thing involving travel and transport, which is just about the price of everything. That will then weaken our ability to wage overseas military operations. Thus localized warfare will begin to spread across the globe as no superpower will be around to police such situations. With local warfare comes the inability to plant and grow crops. Famine will result. I mentioned our political campaign & election system is now completely eroded from within, and we are getting the kind of politicians that only know how to raise instant cash and spend it foolishly. Not the type of Common Sense people that know basic right from wrong, and stick to it! As an example of the foolish type of thinkers we now have in our legislatures, most will jump on any idea whether they have tied to think it through or not, only if it is the latest fad idea, or if it will somehow fill their pocketbook, no matter if it is right or wrong. For example, recently most every legislator jumped on this bandwagon of 'putting food down inside some fuel-tank or another'. They all praised it and took credit for it. I ran for office myself (I didn't have money to spend on yard signs & radiomercials, etc.), but told my audience that was a damn stupid idea of taking our God given produce and sticking it into a contraption to make it go up in flame in an instant. Whereas the purpose of the sustenance of the ground, sunshine, and rain the Lord gives us is for our bodies fuel alone. Now look what's happening. The cost of food is moving up & up because these moron legislators are only out for the buck, and are not of the mind to do right from wrong. As well, using extensive acreage of arable land for the inexhaustible appetite of the Internal Combustion Engine will wear out the soil so much more rapidly, it may not be good for growing 'anything' within fifteen years, resulting in more famine (and deaths worldwide and here in the U.S.) Don't laugh, I'm telling you so. How to bring down gasoline prices, so that inflation on everything doesn't throw the planet into war & starvation within Fifteen years; Well I will tell you: Common Sense that isn't so common these days. #1 Do not give government subsidies or tax-breaks to already rich Oil Business People. #2 Deregulate the whole Energy field (allow the market place-engine to work) and remove disincentive rules and laws to refining, drilling, exploration. #3 When we are dead out of oil, alright then worry, but until that point don't tell the people we are, and don't act falsely like we are. #4 Give no foreign aid to(except for natural disasters) , borrow money from, or sell military items to governments that are not democratic and do not extend human rights (As are in Our Bill of Rights, especially Religion, Speech, & Assembly) to it's Citizens. Kowtowing to Saudi Arabia, and the like will only come back on us in a big, bad way. As it is already doing, IE. 9-11, Iraq war, etc.. #5 Accommodate the Caribou, as best as possible and drill in ANWR. Build new Refineries. I live in NW Missouri, and it's said a large oil reservoir is under here. It's everywhere, we are not running out! But, open up the marketplace (not try & force it in one way or another) and it will solve our energy problems all by itself, with every new invention, resource, etc.. #6 Let's change our election system, so it can work for and not against us (this controls everything about our society). We can no longer put every elected office up for the highest bidder to take and use as their own private possession. The playing field Must be Level! Have office seeking candidates be chosen at random (form of sortition) for a predetermined number to appear on the ballot. Then all given equal media coverage run by an independent state agency, so everyone rich or poor is on an equal footing. Our generation Must make this advance on the road of democracy. {read blog entry Oct. 26, 2009 - Public Sponsored Election Campaigns} #7 During the administration of Andy Jackson was the only time in our history when we had zero national debt. Yet now it is at a point where inflation can not be held back. THE GOAL of our next Congress, President, Supreme Court, States, and All The People MUST BE to Pay Down steadily, consistently, reliably, over time, until it is GONE. If we Do not right away, we will have Dooddly-Squat to say on the World Scene very Soon. The Baby Boomers have been Coddled since we drew our first air; however, those of us that are set for life by this time must be taxed, and taxed well. The poor of our nation are not going to provide the funds to save our culture. I support a true proportional income tax, (so-called fair sales tax is completely regressive) where ALL individuals rich or poor (no tax on business or organizations) are taxed at the same percentage on their total yearly increase. No exemptions, shelters, etc., etc.. You, whoever you are in charge, I have this to say to you: Crime Never Pays

Since 2008, my position on taxes has migrated away from a straight proportional income tax (as the poor cannot even afford to pay the same percentage as the wealthy are able to) towards a higher progressive income tax.  We definitely must stop the general take-over of the political/campaign-machine by the wealthy and their continual pushing for more and additional Regressive & 'Sales' Taxes and also their Lying-Corrupting 'Influence' on Issue-Ballot-Measures!  




Sunday, November 02, 2014

So What is Islam?????

It apparently is a Sick, Twisted Religion!   A religion that teaches to murder in the worst conceivable manners!  Much like the Ghoul Hitler and his Minions; or indiscriminate Bombings which maims and kills in the most detestable way.
      Anyone that states Islam is a Religion of Peace is gone totally off beam! 
     In the Quran, 'Lying' is highly advised as a form of interpersonal communications! 
  That religion thrives on hysteria and anarchy.
Only Criminals could possibly be  attracted to the Muslim Condition.  Some kind of Insanity!
         They have No Purpose without Death being involved in the Practices.  It's Very apparent in all its recent actions Worldwide!
   They also Kidnap, as in Africa.  Do Baptists Kidnap?  Do the Buddhists?  NO Just the Muslim!   If, there is any kind of Intolerant religion, Islam is IT!
   Being born into the Muslim Religion, is quite similar to one being born into a Cosa Nostra Family with all the attending Disdain from Mankind!     If You, Reading this are bound in that Religion, I can only tell you to Listen to the 'Good-Voice Within' for Your Own Fulfillment in Life, and NOT Blame Others Outwardly with Violence.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Well, the Ebola Crisis is clearly being mismanaged by the Obama Administration.      
       Common Sense Must Rule Every Decision concerning this Killer Virus!
            Sending our Military Personnel to Africa, doesn't meet the Common Sense Criteria!     Our Military men and women may of signed-up knowing they may take a bullet, however not so much a deadly pathogen. 
             Allowing Commercial Flights into the U.S. from the heart of this epidemic in West Africa:  Not Even Smart!   One man already has come in, Thomas Duncan and spread the disease to two Americans.  How many others have come now and spread this Virus unbeknown to anyone since Barack has said Okey-Dokey Let Em come ?!
    We've been told that only four specializing hospitals in the U.S. are properly equipped to hold Ebola Patients.   So why then wasn't Thomas Duncan moved to one of those?  Why was he left at the unprepared Hospital in Dallas?
    Ebola is Obama's Katrina.    Maybe Worst for America!
      Some people actually believe that there are too many persons living on the earth today.   Some formulate ideas to eliminate, others than themselves from being life forms.  So when a Disease Comes Along killing people left and right, some of these same persons may welcome it.    Is our President one of them?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Well  Why are We So Amazed that American and Canadian Youth are travelling to Deserts of the Middle East to Join the Islamic State.
   Well Why Not? ?   The Atheist Controlled Media and Education System in the U.S. has just spent Fifty Years tearing down Our Christian Based Culture in the minds of young impressionable North Americans!
   So Why the Surprise ??
       Where there is a Void Created........Any Foul Thing Will Flow In !!            NO Our Culture Was Never Perfect --  However it is Highly Preferable to those Heathen Murderers.  That Religion which was founded by their Cult Leader (Muhammad) who took in sex, whichever female affiliates he decided to.    The sure signpost of a False Religion!   
    Their Mantra from the Beginning and Now:   

                            'Convert or DIE'.         Very Unambiguous to Confused and Displaced  Americans seeking Their Identities, 'outside'  the Truest Purest Long Lasting Doctrines of Judeo-Christianity.
        Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in  them!    Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! 
  For the devil has come down 
         to you,       having great wrath,   because he
                knows that he has a short time.” 
                                                       Revelation 12:12

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Ferguson USA

This is an overview and my opinion of events in Ferguson Missouri.  At Present, I still believe the U.S. is the greatest country in the world.  I also believe that Police have a Very Tough Job.
     However, It appears that Racism is still alive and well in the U.S.   In this case within my home state of Missouri.
It's quite the Coverup by the entrench 'White' Apartheid government of Ferguson.
      How long did they believe they could keep up the Charade?   How long do so many Cities within the U.S. believe they can suppress the Negro Race.   It must be done by Vote Tampering!  How else is it explained that over sixty-five percent of the population of the town is Negro and the Mayor and five of six City Council members are Caucasian.   The Town is reported to have Fifty Policemen and only Three are Black.  The Officer that killed the Eighteen year old in fact Lives Eighteen Miles Outside of Ferguson!  I'd be a bit Tense if I was a Black Person living under such a Situation!
     The Best thing that the Authorities in Ferguson, St. Louis County, and the State of Missouri must do is Come Clean with all the facts about this Killing!  Don't try to shield by way of the Good 'Ol Boy Network any wrongdoing by this particular Police Officer - Darren Wilson.  The only photo of this Officer to emerge a whole week after this Execution is something his own father posted on Facebook !?    This proves a cover-up is going on when the Authorities have 'NOTHING' to say.
   For years I've heard about the many Dead People Voting around St. Louis.
        Generally in this Country, Poor Citizens are shut out of the Political Process whether White or Black, due to the Cost of Running Campaigns! 
         The American Flag We so value is 'Totally-Trashed' if It doesn't Promise Freedom for All the Citizens of the Nation!  Especially for the Ones that were dragged here with irons about their neck.
        I don't believe in Reparations or anything like that, and many Blacks are doing fine with fat Sports Contacts etc.    But how in the world can you fear another human being so much to Continue in this Twenty-First Century, the Oppression of Your Fellow Man ???   The only thing that would spark a so-called Race War between Blacks and Whites would be, continuing with this Scam!   For an example of the stupidity of some people in authority, when I wrote my State Representative 'Galen Higdon' that there ought to be a law requiring the racial percentage makeup of all Police Forces to be Equal to that of it's City as a whole.  This is what he said in a reply email:  "We have a plan in place called profiling   Lets wait to see what the investigation reveals." !?   
     I want to see All the Facts about this case laid bare on the table.   The only justifiable cause for Anyone including a Policeman to Kill a Person is for Justifiable Self-Defense or that of the General Public's Safety.
     We've had conflicting reports about eye-witnesses on the scene.   Reports of witnesses are 'Dismissed' by the media.
From an autopsy , We are hearing that the man was shot from a DISTANCE not at point blank range, which could mean he was trying to get away from being Executed'    

Why did This Man get a death sentence Imposed for walking in the street of an Apartment Complex ??    It never came out that Mike was a Suspect in a store heist, until several days later.   Why the wait?   Whether or not  he was wanted for anything is immaterial when it comes to a Justifiable Killing by a Peace Officer!   If Mike had tried to choke the Officer or Punch Him with his Fist, there is justification for drawing the gun, but SIX SHOTS  NO.   THAT'S JUST ANGER!  MAYBE MURDER!      Of the six Bullets entering Mike, one was shot from a Downward Trajectory into his right eye, another into the Top of His Skull. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Well if the World Would Listen To Me........I'd say the 298 Souls on the Malaysian Airliner would have made it safely to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam, instead of being Shot-Down in Eastern Ukraine.
Please read my posting: 

Saturday, March 08, 2014


  Instead President Obama is Agitating the Situation by Ratcheting Up Tensions with the Current Leadership of Russia !   However, Many of the Republicans in Washington would just rather Start a War with Russia rather than Sanctions.  LAMEBRAINS.     Neither Approach is Necessary !  
                                                                          *BALLOTS NOT BULLETS*

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


For Reference:   Click on Article Title  just below>

Social Media Newsfeed: Supreme Court to Hear Facebook Threats Case

Lots of Underlying Danger in Potential Wrong Decision by Supreme Court here!
The First Amendment has Served US  all Well for 222 years!  It's very well crafted, even for Our Modern Times!
    Murderers generally don't advertise their action ahead of time.   If he would carry out a murder or crime, the Police would know who to arrest and charge right off the bat, if these types of threats were made on facebook or other social media. 
   This Guy just wants to draw attention to himself!
     Yea, He should be Investigated to determine if he needs to be 'Committed'.
         But, the Great Danger here to Our 'Free' Society, involves a careless Ruling by the High Court that would devolve into Trivial Speech on Forums or Comments such as This (in political debate) being labeled 'A Threat to Someone or Something' !  That would Put A Straight-Jacket on Public Discussion !  A True Slippery Slope .
  People would be 'Reporting' their Facebook Friends left & right for Political Or Religious Views that are disagreeable to them.   Freedom of Speech would Indeed be Squashed. 
  We know that Homosexually within our society right now is a point of contention for very many Americans.  However a portion would like nothing better than to criminalize ''differing opinions'', calling it 'Hate Speech'! Where would It Stop? ? ? ?
Be Very Very Attendant U.S Supreme Court!!!!   The only alternative to a Bad Decision in This would be anarchy, chaos, and revolution. 
            [ Now Did I Say Something Wrong ]

Monday, June 16, 2014

What to do about Iraq --- JUNE 2014

         Concerning the situation in Iraq; Without Real Religious Freedom within any Nation We Vanquish in Combat, or the Other Freedoms Our Forebears handed down to US, that Nation Will Not long endure.
   The First Absolute Step We ought to take at this time, is to demand the Iraqi Government to Eliminate the 'Islam Religion Out-Weighs All Others' Clause in their Constitution!  While they are 'Attending to That', We can Attend to Assisting Their National Defense against these ISIS-Pirates!
  The People of a Nation will Stand-Up and Fight for themselves if they have Real Freedoms!
  After that and Other Encouragements to Democracy, We must disengage and distance Ourselves from Iraq and Allow Them to Govern Themselves Again. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Congress is a Circus of Clowns!    I'd say the Congressmen to Blame for the VA Scandal are precisely the ones calling for Gen. Shinseki to resign!  Instead of Fixing Real Problems in Government, They love to get their two-cents in and their photo on the tube.  Even when their two-cents doesn't make a lick of sense!
They'd rather the VA just dissolve away.  They don't care!  
Consider what some Republicans came up with just the other day:    Privatize the VA Health Care System.
  I suppose they'll say next, that they want Veterans to Open Savings Accounts to Pay for their 'Earned' Health Care    ! ? # *         
     Investigations, Firings, and Jail Time is what's needed in this scandal, Not Congress-People Shooting Off their Mouths without a CLUE.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Boehner said: No 2nd Amendment-Protections for Americans with Mental Diagnosis ?

Regarding the recent Killings at Ft. Hood.
 There are always persons committing suicide that will want to take others into the afterlife with themselves.  They are just chicken to die alone quietly.  That happens with persons that have mental diagnosis and those that don't just as often!
    But We must also consider in this Case:     There are certain prescriptions that Psychiatrists use for Depression, that in certain persons will make the Depression extremely worst.  This Soldier, it's been reported was issued a cocktail of pills!
There must be a review of these particular medications before We haul-off and begin the 'Hitler Type' disarming of All Americans that have a Mental Illness diagnosis.
    Euthanasia of the Mentally Ill would not be far behind That ! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

If you haven't bought a ticket to the Noah movie -- DON'T!!!

 What a waste of Time! I had to walk out 3/4 of the way through. They twisted the 'word of god' six ways to one. I had seen the trailer and knew the Bible didn't mention an Army coming against Noah headed by Tubal-cain, however I thought I'd give 'em the benefit of that doubt. The whole thing was a train wreck from the beginning and kept getting worse each scene.
The earth was a rocky waste, unlike what the Bible describes and science knows was a verdant misty place, huge Dinosaurs could survive in.
Fallen Angels in this movie were Rock-Creatures that 'HELPED' Noah!
It got even weirder when the flood came and two of Noah's sons had no Wives on the Ark, but somehow Tubal-cain made it on board.
I had enough, when Noah a Righteous Man of God and the Father of Us All determined He was going to kill his grandchild (while on the Ark) so All His Family would go extinct for their sins.
This movie is Hollywood Gobbledygook at it's Best!
If you haven't already> Please Read the Bible for Yourselves.<
This movie Deserves to Bomb-Big-Time!

Saturday, March 08, 2014


Until we as two superpowers, dismantle our Nuclear Arsenals, there ought not be Conflict Pushed Forward!
The foreign policy of the U.S., which has arisen from liberal educator's thought, and preached from University Lecterns for over thirty years; involves push push, intimidate, grab what you can, don't worry about the other guy, just do what gains US the most, and forget about the consequences!   Our U.S. President is very much a student and product of the atheistic liberal Education System! 
Since the fall of Communism in Russia, NATO has already advanced into Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia. etc.   Ukraine is less than three hundred miles from Moscow.  What would be the consensus in Washington if Russia and the Warsaw Pact would be pushing it's way into South Carolina?  Basically Russia is a landlocked nation except for a warm weather port in the far east Pacific and the long haul through the narrow passages from the Sea of Azov into the Mediterranean.  We know Russia has been invaded by Napoleon and Hitler, with Great Loss to the Populous.  It is understandable Russia is quite cautious at keeping their defense options open! 
      I don't give any quarter to Dictators for Life like Putin.  However, We must look at the long term character of the Russian People and Nation.
   One should not 'corner a bear, then begin poking it with a stick', as Obama is beginning to do!
  We in the U.S. must remember that Moscow was Our Great Ally during WWII.  We should always seek the best possible relationship between America and Russia!  We must give each other the 'elbow-room' necessary.
   The U.S. absolutely with our European Allies should consistently badger Russia to add Democratic Reforms; and accept monitored-fair referendum where first each province along the border in Ukraine, including Crimea (then those to the interior) can vote on joining Russia or staying Ukrainian!  Simple majority rule. 
We need to walk-back confrontation with our good ally Russia!   

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We don't need any 'Extra Laws' :

            -in this Country, the First Amendment is 'The Supreme Law' and It Already Guarantees that ALL Americans may LIVE THEIR LIVES ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN RELIGIOUS TENETS !

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Minimum Wage Laws  do Not profit Lower Income Individuals or Families.
What happens is some individuals are not even able to gain work experience, while offering themselves at a lower wage to gain entry into their field of Interest for On the Job Training.
Then again Other Wages are 'Anchored near' the 'Minimum Wage', and most every low wage earner can never make enough to live properly!
We should do away with that Law as a Nation!

Letting all work, be in the marketplace at it's own level will cause a leveling of Labor with Prices.
Then more Americans will begin to move into the middle class ! 

Don't Care What Your Belief is about Capital Punishment
Absolutely NO REASON this Killer should not

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Today We See in the News The People of Ukraine, Thailand, Venezuela, and as well the continuing struggle of the Syrians, are having ZERO TOLERANCE TOWARD DICTATORS FOR LIFE!
This is the Twenty-First Century!


Secretary Kerry believes that Global Warming is causing the Havoc we're seeing in the weather conditions striking the United States.   He doesn't realize that HE IS THE CAUSE!  That's Right, Secretary Kerry His self and his Boss Pres. Obama are the CAUSE of the Terrible Weather the U.S. has seen since Obama became President in 2009!
True, Global Pollution has it's effect on Our Planet; Yet we are living in a Supernatural New Environment on Planet Earth since 1948 when another Nation was Birthed just as was Recorded in Prophecy.
I'm sorry to say, but we currently have an Antisemitic President and Secretary of State!
As soon as Israel became a Nation again on earth, we immediately reverted to these maxims:  
I will bless those who bless you,

And I will curse him who curses you--Genesis 12:3a     
Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today.--Exodus 14:13b   

We are still searching for the reason for the Benghazi Raid; But it's a fact that it happened the same night following President Obama making a major-snub toward the Israelis!  The Israelis didn't do it!  However I'm saying it was a supernatural judgement of GOD to WARN the People of the United States.  Also for example, from the Joplin Tornado to the Polar Vortex of 2014 are WARNINGS to UNHAND and NOT FORCE ISRAEL to give away Her Historic Homelands.
Don't get me wrong Israel is no more righteous than any other nation group.  They have as many Sinners there as anywhere.  The difference is that GOD has Spoken and made a Decree which will NOT be Broken to the End of the age of Mankind when GOD HIMSELF WILL RULE THE PLANET IN PERFECT PEACE!