Monday, August 22, 2016


                     LIST STARTS CURRENTLY
--  2016  16deaths and massive property damage by flooding in Louisiana due to incomplete Levy Repair and Construction due to lack of Revenue.

--  19 Trillion National Debt and Growing due to Lack of Revenue.

--  Criminals let out of Prisons due to Overcrowding, only to commit worst crimes and murder such as the two Cops Killed in Palm Springs/Oct2016.
  All for the lack of Revenue to built more Cell-Space!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Donald Trump Speech on Foriegn Policy & ISIS August 15th

Trump said "We have enough Problems, Why Add More?"       So two things Donald is saying concern Me !!    #1  He sounds like he will have no sympathy for Americans of Faith that feel Homosexuality is a Problem for Society.  In fact he sounds determinantly Opposed to Americans  that feel Homosexuality is as Big a Detriment, probability Bigger than Radical Violent Islam for the World.   The former is a Silent Killer, destroying Society and the overthrower of Nations!!
   #2 He also said during this foreign Policy Speech in Ohio, that he is completely Unconcerned about Democracy in Other Nations, and specifically for the Nations the U.S. Vanquishes in War.  
    I'll admit that the last time We did Nation Building Correctly was after WWII in Japan, W. Germany, or at South Korea.   In Iraq it could have been done correctly if Pres. Bush had left General Franks in place to conceive and birth a proper Constitution, not one in which Islam was given a higher position than any other religion, but one that values Freedom of Religion and other Universal Rights, then remain in Occupation until that Nation would be stable enough to survive on it's own. 
Trump sounds like he wants to give up on all that and leave the Worlds People in Oppression.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

President Obama as of today is doing things he norally would not do

President Obama as of today is doing things he normally would not do.   Actually his approval-rating is much higher than nearly ever since 2008.
    He is actually doing things that are diametrically opposed to his regular views.
   The Reason : ?    He is trying to be a 'Good Boy', so not to cast a bad shadow on Hillary's Campaign !!
    Yet as we look at his NORMAL Job Performance, which we can almost be certain Hillary will do as Similar or Much Worst due to the 'piling-on' factor, her bankrupt views and 'bad' performance like covering-up the Slush Fund or no doubt hiring others such as Sec. Kerry, following the preceding eight years in which America has been cast as a 'Weakling' Nation' set on it's own Destruction!
    Just like this paying ransom to Iran and the Super Bad Deal in favor of that Country with their National Anthem Chant 'Death to America'.
    We can be certain that if the Clinton's are allowed to Reenter the White House in January of 2017; These kind of 'Scandals' and 'National Disasters' will Continue Emerging Monthly!
Can We Really Live with THAT ! ? ? ? ?