Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Second Amendment for Dummies

  • Please Open Your Constitution and refer to the 2nd amendment.
  • 'A well regulated militia(read the definition of the word militia)' means: The most well-oiled, largest, best force possible to maintain Our Freedom and repel Aggression effectively at all times of dire straits are 'The People', the Citizenry (this group also contains all trained individuals that have returned to civilian life and hunters) which are everywhere, ready to go, to fight at a moment's notice (recall Mr. Revere). To fight anything or anybody that would enslave them! Otherwise, the People are open to any despot that would roll in and rule over them (us). This possibly would include our own government as T. Jefferson warned in The Declaration of Independence.
  • 'Arms' are any weapon that may be carried by a walking man, and are of the same type and grades that are current and routinely issued to soldiers of the Regular Army units (this includes as well, National Guard, Reserve Units).
  • The Way Shown to Achieve the Fact of the first phrase: 'To keep and bear' (wear here to there without question), A 'Right' 'of the PEOPLE' (AMERICANS, not the states, governors, or National-guard paid troops) that "shall not be infringed"!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We can now tell after the several seasons of inter league play in Major League Baseball, that one league's (the American League) rules, which they play under, puts those teams at an advantage and the National League teams at a disadvantage when they meet. Even this season (2008) we see the American League teams again taking the lion's share of victories during inter league play. This doesn't mean that the DH rule makes a better baseball watching experience, it simply means that the use of that rule gives an advantage to those teams that have been playing under it by the time inter league ball comes around.
In the National League (plays the tried & true standard baseball - no DH rule), the pitchers must take a turn at bat. They swing the bat, they run the bases. In the American League where the DH rule is in use, the pitchers just pitch and then sit down till the next inning. That difference alone gives the meeting of AL teams and NL teams, to the AL. The AL pitchers are rested, whereas the NL pitchers have made more exertions leading up to inter league play! After standing in the batters box, concentrating on hitting (which is the exact opposite of pitching) and base running, a pitchers stride is interrupted. Multiply that by the number of games leading up to inter league play and NL pitchers are less focused to a degree on their pitching (as they are part of the team and bat). It's not that the DH rule makes 'better' pitchers, it only means that operating under other conditions and rules creates a different game.
Also, the AL teams will almost always do better in pinch hit situations, due to the fact that they already have players on the bench that have been batting regularly and exclusively as the designated hitter. Whereas a utility player and pinch hitter in the NL may have been sitting on the bench for two nights and more, possibly.
All this doesn't mean that the use of the DH Rule makes for a better baseball game, it doesn't. If you are not interested in the intricacies and strategies of the original game, but only enjoy the superficial aspects of pitching & hitting, then the DH game is for you. However you might as well go out and just see a home-run derby and will enjoy it more. The pitcher is not more or less important than all the other positions and he should bat! We've grown to know that an Afro-American is not more or less important than an Italian-American emigrant. The Ball Diamond is an equalizer. From all walks of life we've met and played the game. Our Original American Game of Baseball is and has always been a 'Team Sport', where everybody gets their 'Ups', with nine players and nine innings per side. Whoever it was that introduced this tenth player, the designated hitter into our national pastime is Anti-American. Our Game as Our Nation must be Unified and be as ONE! Where Every ONE gets their UPs and we ALL take our LUMPs TOGETHER! also read post: Major League Baseball and NFL REORGANIZATION