Tuesday, February 02, 2010


The Obama Administration is sacrificing the American Child's Education to The LAZY-TEACHERS-UNION. Back we go, to the days of dysfunction in the schools! To Separate & Unequal!!

Do YOU want these MEN in a FoxHole guarding YOUR FRONTLINES or at The KeyBoards guarding YOUR SKYS??

Don't Ask me and I Won't tell you anyMore !

Shrink Military Expenditures

With our massive national deficit at this time, one fundamental way to manage costs and live within our means, is to bring our armed forces home. How many places do we have military personnel? I'm not talking about detachments to our embassies, those are ok. What really more do we need to defend, than our own real estate called the United States? The more we try to stick our foot in such places like the mid-east, we just get it stomped on! What's the Point? Do we really have to be 'Macho-Man' to the World? Let's get things right here at home now; Then we'll see clear enough to take the plank out of our brother's eye!