Sunday, February 27, 2011



Freedom Fighters of Libya and North Africa

This post is directed to the Freedom Fighters in Libya and those in other North African Nations that might stream into Libya to fight the Dictator Qaddafi. Win the military units over to your side. Capture weapons where you may.  Boycott every function that is supporting Qaddafi's corrupt hold over your Country. 
Nip at his heels like jackals, until he and his family remove themselves or institute Democratic Reform!

No Freedom without 'Complete' Religious Freedom

Sharia Law is only another Big Dictator, as is evident in Iran. Those people are highly dissatisfied and protesting that government just as they are the totalitarian regimes in other nations!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Public Sector Employees

Regarding the hubbub about Public-Sector Unions. It seems to me no group should be allowed to hold-up the Peoples Business. I mean any group that holds-up the workings of our government is instigating an unpatriotic act. We as a nation and states should not stand for it! Once negotiated any public sector union contract must be honored and fulfilled by the Government until the next contract session. In the same frame, these unions must negotiate and return to work on schedule at the conclusion of the negotiation period. And as far as state assembly people not showing up to vote: The vote needs to be held without them! I don't understand why any government body would have rules that allow for holding-up votes because members, after fair warning of impending voting sessions, deliberately play hooky, and are able to impede the Democratic process for their own selfish reason. These tardy legislators are being paid good wages from taxpayer money! Rules must apply to all: Show-up and vote when you are suppose to or be left out of the vote. Majority rules! In every union negotiation, there are two sides: the employer (in this case the States or Government, the People as a Whole) and the employees. Employees should be free to join any union they choose, but the union with the highest employee membership should be the one which negotiates with the employer for the new contract! In Wisconsin it fairly well seems that the Employer has decided what it wishes for the next contract session, then the ball will be in the unions court to make any counter submissions.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Without Freedom of Religion , There is NO Democracy

The ultimate test as to whether the Egyptian Revolution for Freedom will be Successful or not, will be along with freedom of the media and freedom of assembly, fair arrest and trail, fair elections, and the other basic Human Rights, will be total Freedom of Religion. This means No Laws can be made 'about religion' in title or content. This has to be stated in the New Constitution![The U.S. Constitution states this principle as good as any]. Afghanistan and Iraq have failed in their Constitutions to provide neutrality between Religions, but give Islam a higher position! (this is the fault of President Bush and those governments will eventually fail). Just as a Muslim person would not want to live under laws slanted against Islam, so do all other persons that are not Muslim wish to live in a society where the laws disallow them from following their religion of choice. Egypt is their Country as much as it is for any other religious adherent. The World is watching you Egypt and You Other Protesters For Freedom in the middle east, as to whether your Democratic Revolutions will Fail or Succeed. It's now in your hands!

Friday, February 11, 2011



Monday, February 07, 2011

To the Brave, Resolute, Patriot, Protestors of Egypt

Once a Dictator, Always a Dictator. Mubarak and Suleiman will eventually have to be booted-out of Your Egypt. WIN OVER THE MILITARY. They are Working Class People Like Yourselves, and They Want Peace in Egypt More than Anyone. Soldier by soldier, Unit by unit, win all of them over to the noble Cause!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

To the Protestors in Egypt

Organize yourselves a Constitutional Meeting with security.