Wednesday, December 08, 2010


We must not extend the Bush Tax Cuts to any level of Society, the rich, middle class, or lower. We must not extend the unemployment benefit for those who have used that up. Those who can not make these kind of difficult budget decisions are weak and do not belong in our government. This type of person is the reason our nation is in debt to others that do not hold our values of human freedom. What we must do now is cut out all frivolous waste. Providing Medicaid for children of poor parents is not frivolous waste, paying do-nothing Congress people more than the average American income is! Also, we must phase out all regressive sales taxes in this nation, and the progressive income tax while phasing in a flat proportional income tax. This type of tax will have no tax shelters, loopholes, credits, etc. All Americans, at every level pay the same percentage of their increase, whether they receive a government check or are independently wealthy.

Monday, December 06, 2010

College Football According to Me <=> (example 2010 season)

  • This is my top twenty-five University Football rankings and with bowl match ups. No human-voting here, it's all by the numbers!
  • If there had been no human-voting in the BCS rankings, Michigan State would have been crowned Big Ten Champ. It's first week algebra. If M is greater than W and W is greater than O, then it proves that M is greater than O as well.
  • I want to see a four team playoff system, with one additional game for the National Championship. Here's how I rank the schools: Zero loss teams first, then one loss, two loss, etc. A school that doesn't win it's conference wouldn't be allowed to compete in the four-team playoff.
  • Any head to head games- and then 'Strength of that years schedule' sorts the rankings. Looking at the final won-loss combined percentage of defeated Bowl Subdivision opponents on that completed years schedule.
  • For example Auburn's defeated Bowl Subdivision opponents had a combined 86 wins and 60 losses, for a 589. percentage. This was certainly one of the toughest schedules. Missouri had the toughest schedule of the two-loss schools with a 572. percentage.
  • So this is my rankings and the bowls I would have put them in:
  • 1 Auburn - 4 Michigan St.
  • 2 Oregon - 3 TCU
  • The winners of the above would meet in the final Championship game.
  • With a four team playoff there would be no lingering questions from an undefeated team about who might be the best team in the nation.
  • 5 Nevada - 7 Wisconsin
  • 6 Boise St. - 8 Ohio St.
  • 9 Stanford - 10 Missouri
  • 11 Oklahoma - 12 Arkansas
  • 13 LSU - 14 Oklahoma St.
  • 15 Virginia Tech - 16 Utah
  • 17 Texas A&M - 19 Alabama
  • 18 Nebraska - 20 West Virginia
  • 21 Navy - 22 Hawaii
  • 23 Tulsa - 25 Northern Illinois
  • 24 UCF - 26 (best four-loss team)
  • and so on
  • The Bowls, on some kind of rotating basis could bid on which game they would want to host.