Sunday, February 22, 2015

Islamic State Just as Dangerous to the World as Hitler

Here's an email I just sent to Pres.Obama & VP Biden:
   There needs to be an International Full Scale War against 'Islamic State' everywhere outside the Countries of Israel, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, & Egypt.  (The U.S. needs to maintain neutrality towards those Countries)*
   Forcing persons to accept a different religion at the point of a knife to The throat is just as serious a threat to the US and World as Hitler's Actions were during WWII.    We can make them into scrambled eggs while it is still early!
  (not in note to President)*

Tuesday, February 03, 2015


The NFL needs a new format.
   It's pretty boring for a team to play three other teams twice every year, year after year! 
    I propose, and have proposed this already for many years:  
           After the Super Bowl the next order of Business for the NFL would be to Select at Random each Teams Schedule for the Following Season.  A different Team for each week!
  Pre-Season can be scheduled by the Individual Teams,    for interstate rivalries, etc; and/or assigned games by the League.
    Playing a different team every week of the Regular Season that has been picked entirely by random draw, would really keep the game fresh with the anticipation of the Schedule Draw, and some teams may not be played for several years, which would keep it New.  During the season, more talent will be brought into a City to view by the Fans!     
    Random Scheduling will keep Parity on an even keel year to year!
    For the Playoffs, the top Sixteen Finishers will meet in an elimination Tournament!
    The playoff games would be played in the higher seeds Home Field.  One vs Sixteen, etc.  Tie-Breakers: Head to Head, Mutual Opponents, lastly if needed Finish from Previous season.
    The 2014-15 Playoffs only had eleven games including the Super Bowl.   With a Sixteen Team Playoff, fifteen games will be played.
(More Football = More Revenue for Owners & more Enjoyment for Fans)