Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Some things I say on this blog are wrong and some right. No one but Jesus is Right 100% of the time. However, Many Americans have it as their sole political function to tear Their Own Country limb from limb. That is their aim, The Overthrow of The U.S., Constitution & All! The reason is they have not Encountered God! If You are one of these people, realized that the best thing that could ever happen to you, in your wildest dreams, HE is standing right by you now, whispering in your hear......... Come, Come, Come !!ONLY OBEY!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

President or Sleazebag

What's going on with President Obama. I guess he can't figure out how to be President, so he is reverting to being an Attorney. He's not enforcing our immigration-naturalization laws, but he wants to file a lawsuit against the good people of Arizona! Is that Presidential? That's just plain weird.

Monday, June 21, 2010


This is what will happen if the U.S. Senate votes to remove the 'don't ask - don't tell policy which would allow homosexuals to live their lifestyle openly in our military. 1. Homosexuals would flood into the recruiting offices. Most will be not interested in the Military at all, but they will come only to push the Homo-agenda upon society further. Normal procedures during medical examinations, which might normally keep unworthy specimens out of the service will be soon abandoned by political pressure. 2. Straights that show up at the Entrance Exam Stations might suddenly change their minds about a military career, when they see the type of co-worker they will be expected to share close living conditions with. 3. Most Straight men and women will not even give a military career a second thought and steer themselves into other civilian endeavors. This is a discrimination against Straight people who are disgusted by the open lifestyle of Homosexuals. Those who would have excelled in our Military, now will never serve the Country and never become Veterans! 4. Those honest, Straight service members that still have obligations to fulfill will exit the Military at their first chance. 5. Within three years of this new law going into effect, manpower will have dropped-off by thirty percent. Stop-Loss will resume in full force. We will see riots on our Military Posts, desertions and legal battles! 6. Administrative decisions will lead to the U.S. abandoning our Outposts around The Globe. 7. Insubordination will become a new norm as the Homosexual service member will half-heartily respond to orders! Instances of 'Fragging' (the murder of officers by enlisted men) will occur frequently. The murder rate within the Military ranks will multiply generally. 8. We will NOT be winning battles and Ships WILL be lost at sea! Other Nations of the World will not hold joint exercises with Us. 9. Our NATION Will Be Defenseless within six years of this policy! Please America pay attention how Your Senator Votes, and Take that to the Polls with You!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


  1. These are my observations and recommendations for the Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. First of all, THIS IS a Judgement of The Lord God upon the United States, directly for the Anti-Semitic Stand President Obama has undertaken against the Israeli State! Israel IS NOT a Puppet-State of the U.S. or Anyone and they certainly shouldn't be treated as such!
  2. Secondly, it seems all too highly suspicious to me that at the moment of National debate over Offshore Drilling and our energy policies in general, that a offshore derrick just happened to blow-up!
  3. I wouldn't put it past the ways of certain loony liberals to attempt to end the debate in their favor for the end of Offshore Drilling by deliberately sabotaging that Oil Rig. They may not of realized how big a mess it would eventually create.
  4. Now if the President gave his nod on that, I don't know. I'm just saying, the timing of this event raises grave suspicions. It is a Possibility. You draw your own Conclusions!
  5. Next, I'd like to point out that from the beginning of this escape from the underworld, BP has never held the position of 'stopping at all costs' the gusher, rather they (and with the complicity of the Administration) have maintained an attitude of 'Recovery of their initial investment at all costs'!
  6. BP has been unwilling to close off the wellhead (being in denial), instead they do not want to lose the possibility of still making this shaft profitable. So they have been trying everything to keep it open, while it viciously pollutes the planet. Simply put, their concern for the shareholders bottom line is of a higher concern than the health of the environment or someone elses livelihood.
  7. Well, this shaft has bankrupted them! There is no Company in the World, or several combined that can possibly pay for the ecological and monetary damages already incurred. So why is our President Obama waiting on them?
  8. The point is approaching and near when the water around that area will become so choked with oil particles, that visibility will no longer be possible, and the window we've had to implode the site will be gone forever, resulting in the pure white sands of the gulf shores becoming Dante's everlasting hell.
  9. This is a National Emergency. British Petroleum is Not Going to take care of Our National Emergencies for US.
  10. We are paying upwards of a half-trillion every year for our own strategic emergency planning and operations organization. It's called the U.S. Military. They are experts (when they are allowed) at quick solutions! I'd put this in the hands of the Generals and Admirals right now. We were putting men on the moon forty years ago, we ought to be able to figure this out.
  11. My first impression was to fire an extremely high explosive torpedo from a Naval Sub, at the Site. Depending on how much hard stuff, rock and salt was drilled through to reach the oil, a shaft no wider than a 30 gallon trash can, one would think could be imploded in on itself 'at some depth'. A diagonal slanting shaft can be drilled ending 'near' the original hole. Then an extremely high explosive device set off at its bottom(say 400 ft below the seabed) which would collapse the earth all around and into the offending drill-hole.
  12. I strongly urge no nuclear bomb be used for an imploding function. That would result in a second, unrelated equally environmentally damaging conclusion as this oil spill.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Terms For Impeachment (click here for related article)

This photo, seen on is one that has gotten through. Because we now learn that our Coast Guard (under whose orders?) is stopping Photographers from taking pictures. The last time I looked at the Constitution, No One has the authority to stop the media from doing it's business. Some media outlets will try to insinuate that it is British Petroleum that is ordering our U.S. Coast Guard to block journalist from the area. However, even I am smart enough to know that BP is not lawfully in charge of the Coast Guard, but only Our President of the U.S., directs all orders to the Coast Guard. By the way, he is up for reelection in 2012 and much of his Congress is right now! This is why President Obama would like to hide bad news. This is Serious Grounds for Impeachment of the Commander n Chief for closing down the media by force using Our Coast Guard, for his own personal political gain!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

More Nonsense in the News from the Israel-Haters (-Hitlers)

When will the Anti-Semitic bigots ever learn. This photo of Berlin at the close of WWII represents what happens to Anti-Semitics and All racial and religious bigots in the end! Yet they wish to pull the world into their dark hole with them. Satan, the Devil is controlling you, if you have ill feelings toward the nation of Israel. Israel only wants to live peacefully in their ancestral homeland. They attack no one, but are constantly attacked. They defend only themselves, yet are constantly harassed.
To the Muslim world, I say 'Forget about trying to kick Israel out of their ancestral homeland. They have reclaimed it for themselves and they are not going anywhere, anytime soon!' Not only the Jews, but the Christians were There Long Before Muhammad was Born!
Whoever You Are. We are Not following You into your stinking dark hole! If you are smart you will climb out and smell the fresh air again, and stop being a Religious and Racial Bigot!