Thursday, June 27, 2013


        Junk Mail (all manner of commercial mailings going to a residence) is a REAL PROBLEM for ALL Americans! Not only does it contribute grossly to the degradation of the environment by the constant destruction of Forests for paper production which has an effect on climate-change. Then consider the waste as the vast majority of it goes into a landfill.

The amount of clutter brought into the home via the US- mailbox is astounding! Retail & Grocery Fliers of seventeen pages twice a week and numerous letter appeals for donations and credit offers, etc.

The fire hazard due to paper clutter is increased 65% to the average home. I don't know how Elderly People living alone even deal with it?

LEGISLATION MUST BE ENACTED so that Every piece of Commercial Mailing that lands in Someones Home or Business Mailbox should have a Code on it and an Internet Address / 800# that may be used if the Residents Choose, to require discontinuance of delivery to that mailbox!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Senator _______, Please go to Senator Sessions of Alabama and ask to join his team regarding Immigration Policy. He is the Only One I'm hearing on C-Span that is making any amount of Common Sense! Future history will bear Him Out!

What we really ought to have is a Works-Program to round up and deport all the illegals in Our Nation via the KC Southern RR etc., before there Is No Nation!

Or do You Want the US Senate to continue to be considered a Worthless Organization ?   
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Saturday, June 15, 2013


    Appropriations Must Be Cut-Off to President Obama's plans to send military aid to Syrian Rebels! Those Rebels are not Friends of Israel!

Al Qaeda is taking the upper hand among many of the Rebels! This move by the President will destabilize the balance of power in that inflamed region and anger Russia. The United States needs to maintain a '"NEUTRAL"' Stance toward the conflicts in all the Nations that border Israel.

WWIII is not a good trade off for appeasing Munition Dealers within the U.S.

We should always follow the lead of Our Solid Ally Israel as regards issues in their backyard!

Israel will NOT PREMIT for Mass Destruction Weapons within Syria to fall into the Hands of Terrorist Groups. That may well mean Israel Striking Syria, which would result in Russia and Iran beginning a War Movement Against Israel! This in return would force Israel to Launch Nuclear Missiles, and then Our World and the US Homeland will suddenly be aflame as Russian and Our Missiles Launch Automatically.

We are Broke and do not need to be embroiled. Israel can take care of the complete situation there!!!

If We stick our neck out, We'll get it Hacked Off by Those Islamist Groups. This isn't Our Fight!

Right Now the best place for United States Efforts is to Get Behind the Citizens of 'TURKEY' and HELP THEM Realize a DEMOCRATIC NATION WITH RELIGIOUS LIBERTY !!!!!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

The man Edward Snowden-

The whistle blower on the NSA's harvesting of Internet and phone conversations, he should absolutely be Exonerated.

If the Government is doing such a thing it ought to be Public anyway and open for debate, as it concerns All of Us and Our Freedom from Government! Certainly our Government ought not be Categorising Americans in any way shape or form !!

About the IRS spending-

money to enthuse it's employees, what $40 billion a year industry doesn't do that kind of thing.(and also considering ALL the TAX DODGERS they have to deal with) I've worked at much smaller operations that did events for the employees --- So BIG DEAL !~! What I want to see is Somebody Going to JAIL for Targeting Individuals or Groups. That's not the role of a United States Government Agency!!!!

As regards the Sexual Harassment in the Military.....That sort of thing could be seen coming way back down the road. Whenever you load lots of Women in with lots of Men (and now Homos too), some serious things might be happening -no doubt. However, I believe and it has happened to me that when a man happens to look at a female sideways or maybe asks for a date possibly awkwardly, quite a few of them Scream Harassment. Give Women the Power to Scream Harassment and they will abuse that power nine times out of ten!

All of This is Non-Conducive to an Effective Fighting Force !