Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The U.S. Can Not Sustain the Robber Barons !

Well Folks,  I think America is not ready for the Mr. Hyde version of Donald Trump.  I mean the one that told US- as Candidate Dr. Jekyll that he would absolutely move the Embassy to Jerusalem, and the President Mr. Hyde:: with Crickets up to this Point !     Or maybe the Candidate Dr. Jekyll, which said "No One Will be Dying On Americas Streets from Homelessness"; Yet We can not find the Fine Doctor ?  The President D.J. Hyde speaks " Do Away with Meals on Wheels, It hasn't proved 'Cost-Effective' !, and "No Problem, The Elderly Poor must Certainly have their Health Premiums Raised Beyond their Means" !  Ha Ha !      How about "We will De-Fund Planned Parenthood" !   Yet NO Follow-through on that One !!      I do believe that Dr. Jekyll/Trump told US during the 2016 Campaign that He was indeed Pro-Life, yet now Mr. Hyde/Trump has put forth a Supreme Court Nominee (Gorsuch) that stated in his Hearing that he would
NOT Vote to Override Roe v Wade!  He called it 'Settled Law'
((I call it BS --  Nothing in Law is ever 'Settled', especially when Half the American People are Opposed to it))   That's what the Leftist Democrats like to call a 'Mainstream' Judge.   Meaning he's a Leftist Sociopath!   Right now the Democrats leadership are 'Pretending' they will be Voting against Him.   They have it planned out to Hoodwink the Christian Right once again!
     As well I detect a bit of Snidely Whiplash within Mr. Hyde.  It may however be those Money-Grubber Tea-Partiers in Congress that are influencing the Hyde.  They probably have tied Dr. Jekyll to the Train Tracks Somewhere !   Our Dr Jekyll was the most favorable candidate in November regarding Abortion and the Border, even though we'd see
Hyde reflect occasionally !    "Kill Isis, Secure the Border"  then Suddenly "Big Tax Break for Me and Other Super-Rich and Beef Up the Military Super Time while We get this National Debt under control"    SCARY STUFF !      The average Joe that Voted for Him  will not accept these Giant Tax Thefts by the Big Cats any longer while We're down here Scrapping By!   Then Mr. Hyde's ugly face is seen in Shadow, "Go Ahead Kick the Poor in the Gutter and Send His Sons to War" !
   "Our Gains from the Bomb Factories are Tremendous!!  Build More More More."   "Make the Poor Work Now, for the Crumbs We Drop their Way."      
      I say, Prosperity Must Work for Everyone. The Way must be Clear and Open for Everyone !
  If the People don't conceive the way. Teach them the Process !   Teach them early on. Teach them Continuously .  Forget the Old Ways of Instruction !  Just as Subject are taught in the Military.  Simple and Steps at a Time !  to Success for All !
     Most of the Poor in the U.S. could easily explain to the Congress People how to Balance a Budget and Pay Off a Debt.  Because We've had to live that way for years on end.  Yet the Rich only know how to Steal the People's Wealth and Never Pay the Bills they Rack-Up !    Like the Big Emergency at the End of GW's term, where He and his Buddies walked off with Billions and Billions - Trillions !;
and As Barack went-out and Picked Trillions off his 'Money-Tree' on the White House Lawn !
   The USA must enter a period as we have done through history .  A period of spend less. A period of Isolation to Regroup and become Stronger, Morally-Wiser Over Time, so We can be Ready Again for Emergency Times !   This is NO TIME for wider Income Gaps and Building Up for WWIII and Going Completely Broke at the Same Time, because those with the Means are not paying the Nation's Debt and the Taking Care of Our Own,  but on the Frivolous Pursuit of Illusory Mammon!!
      WE should Start Off by Removing the Money Equation from Our Elections !  Put All Campaigns under the Auspices of the Government.  So All Can Be Heard Equally regardless of their Wealth or Lack of It. 
Then Ideas will Rule, 
Not the Buying and Selling of the United States.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Judge Gorsuch is a Real Fake and Jerk

He should not be Voted the Next Supreme Court Justice !    Today He Clearly stated he would not Over-Rule Roe v Wade.    He has a Fence Post stuck so far up his Ass, Splinters and All !   He is not answering the questions at his Hearing Straight forward, rather he is Spinning this way then the Other.  He is NOT HONEST.   He is Answering only what he thinks the
Asking Senator wants to hear !     So far today he has Fakingly dodged questions on Torture and the Second Amendment.       We as a Nation must NOT Hire a Judge that has No Expiration Date, who cannot Honesty State His True Positions.  There may well be neutral and honest Justices.  He isn't honest !   He is totally Off-the-Wall and Lying in saying there are no Republican or Democratic Judges.   We do not want a YES Man for this or any other President !   
We do not  want another Justice Kennedy
when the People want and expect another
Antonin Scalia,
Clarence Thomas, or Samuel Alito !

Monday, March 20, 2017

I thought the CIA is responsible for all Non-Domestic Intel and the FBI for all Domestic Criminal Activities.

While I'm listening to
Federal Bureau of 'Monitoring'
Director J. Comey speak to the House Committee, it occurs to me that those in the Hierarchy of the Russian Government, including Vladimir Putin, do not have the Right to Vote in U.S. Elections unlike other
foreigners which the Obama Administration and Democratic Party has allowed to Vote
and pushed very hard for!
   The American People do however have the Vote, and Gave President Trump
a Clear Victory
by Our Constitutional Means !!   
All the Facts and Questions of the 2016 Presidential Race were covered Extensively by all the Media Outlets that wanted to, Uninhibited thanks to Our
Freedom of The Press.  It was all done On-Time per Schedule.
Nothing was left Undone !   The Voters had All the Information on Election Day and Made Their Choice !!  Undeniably !!!!
        It's time to Retire the under-inflated 'Sacred Football', passed around since 1946 by Congress-Persons,
Democrats and Republicans.  
 That is the Big Bad Boogie Man - USSR/RUSSIA.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Well Who Would have Guessed?
   It turns Out that it is the Republicans that really want to Push Grandma's Wheelchair Over the Cliff  and also all the Kids from
Poor Working Families !     
Only so they can get
'Their Factories' pumping out more Bombs & Missiles !!!
                  PRESIDENT  TRUMP

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

‘Day Without A Woman’ will Be Shutting Schools Around The USA

This idea is great.   Yes woman definitely Need to get themselves Out of the Workforce, on a Permanent Basis actually.   This indeed is a Step in the Right Direction.   Woman are beginning to Realize that they have been taking Jobs away from the Family Breadwinners (The Men, The Patriarchs of Our Families).   This Fine Idea will also give the Female the proper amount of time at home watching over Her Own Children, instead of having someone else looking after the little ones !