Sunday, December 10, 2017


Taking from the Poor to Give to the Rich.     The Republican Tax Plan reprieving the Super Wealthy from Fair-Due-Taxes and Stated Goals of Discontinuing Social Security Disability and Safety Net Programs such as Medicaid for Needy Families and Children.
                PROVERBS 22:16     Whoever oppresses the poor to enrich himself and whoever gives gifts to the wealthy will yield only loss.   (ISV)

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Final Four 2017 College Football Playoff.

As I designed the College Football Four School Playoff:
       These are the Results for 2017.
    Number One Seed is UNDEFEATED             

'University of Central Florida'
  (the Largest University in America)    12 wins  -  0 losses
  will play  #4 Seed  'Oklahoma'  Big XII Conference Champion with  11 wins - 1 loss on the season.     I suggest in the Sugar Bowl.
     Oklahoma's Strength of Schedule was at .497,  so the Other 'One Loss' Conference Champions will be the
#2 and #3 Seed!
       Two Seed   'Clemson'  12 wins - 1 loss  with a Strength of Schedule of .650  will play
       Three Seed 'Georgia'    12 wins - 1 loss  whom had a Strength of Schedule of .563
                             I suggest at the Rose Bowl.
              As designed, All Undefeated Teams on the Season get the Highest Seed, followed by One Loss Schools, and then two loss if needed.     Only Conference Champions or an Independent may be in the Four Team College Playoff !    Then Head to Head and finally
Strength of Schedule break ties.
                         This is the fairest way to determine the four finalists and their seed position.
   Strength of Schedule is obtained by looking at a teams completed schedule and totaling the overall wins and losses of defeated Div I-A opponents including the Conf. Championship opponent again.  Then dividing to get a percentage as in the form above.

Saturday, December 02, 2017


Right Now is 02Dec17  Sat 21:08 CST....
    The Sports announcers on Fox where the
Oh St. - Wis  game is on are a bit confused.   If Wisconsin does not win this game, the Big X   WILL NOT be represented in the Final Four Playoff !!

    Ohio State has already LOST this Season to OKLAHOMA and IOWA
        If Wisconsin can win they will hold the number One seed for the College Playoff for going undefeated, 
University of Central Florida (the Largest University in the United States) is number Two seed for being 12-0 this Season!

       Then the One Lost teams who are Conference Champions will have their Strength of Schedule Compared to fill in the Final Two Slots !       Which would probably be Georgia  and either Clemson or Oklahoma.  
    NO Big 'Political Committee' Required.    Only the WINS & LOSSES that the Players have put up this Season.    Beginning with the Premise that ALL the SCHOOLS in DIVISION I-A are EQUAL COMING IN (if this isn't the case then Change the DIVISIONS IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL ! ! !!!

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Huckster -- Paul Ryan

                          Here's his entire diatribe this morning:

He begins by stating that an average Family would rake-in $1182./mo. more take home pay under a Republican Tax plan.
In addition he Claimed that if passed everyone's Employer would just feel so happy to hand out Pay Raises All Around ! ?
We know by Experience that the Republicans are really Great at One Thing, that is hauling Dollars Up in Buckets to the Mega Rich. They keep fooling US with these 'Tax-Cut' Plans. Better Yet, they NEVER Pay the Nation's BILLS !! 20.5 Trillion & Rising.
What are ways the Republicans have specified within this past year to Pay for their TaxCut ? Trump' Economic Team began Immediately "Improving People's Lives" by cutting Food Stamps, Programs for Children & Elders, and one Item they said they'd get done after Passing their 'Entitlement for the Rich' this Year, 'Social Security Disability' It's one of the Benefits Our Nation allows after Paying In. For me I was in the Labor Force 38 years before my disability became too much to continue the struggle making a living for myself!
Yes, I pay no income tax and a smaller Property tax, but my entire subsistence is Social Security Disability and a very small Veterans Disability Pension, together totaling $1149./mo.
The Republicans are now saying, they need it to take for their own.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

South Texas Church Shooting Murders

This was Religiously motivated in part, he was a Strident Atheist and his Hate occurred in a Church!
      The points that stand out to me about this American Calamity are the 'Slap-on-the-Wrist', Nobody is to Blame, Punishment is Bad -Mentality, we have
here in the United States !   That is a Liberal Generated Mindset, those same minds that want to remove weapons from Citizens.  The reason they want to take Arms from anyone they can, is to build an Illegal Government after their Own Image, that certainly would not be a Free State but a Dictatorship that would kill many more !
      OK this man dragged, slugged his pet Dog, and what punishment occurred ?   One and a half year 'Probation'.  Probation accomplishes nothing in finding the root of Deviant Behavior that Harsh Animal Abuse is !   He should of received a year and half of Psychological Evaluation in the State Prison System !   Also I'm alerting my readers here, that We have very many Societal Problem due to Budget Crunches, which is not helped whatsoever by the well-to-do refusing to pay their Share in Taxes, instead with their political clout pushing through more Sales/Regressive taxes on the poor, which will not make up for the deficits!!!
    If that wasn't enough to signal-out this Human Time Bomb; What he did to the Child under his Supervision, deliberately Cracking it's Skull. (or is that different in what We Accept from Abortion?)
Where I come from that is grounds for putting someone away for Life!
  Now, the U.S. Air Force took the prize in 'Slap-the-Wrist' punishments, by giving Him Only One Year in Jail
followed by a Discharge!  
  That Air Force Prosecutor certainly possesses lots of Hutzpah to get on TV and admit that He was part of such a Brain-Dead Decision, and saying Such Violence upon Children was "Common" in Military Families!    Our Nation Needs to 'Un-Common' It
by the Use of 'Proper Punishments' !!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

More Halloween Bike Path Murderers Out There !

Whenever there are multiple murder victims, as in the NYC Bike Path Mayhem of Halloween 2017, every effort must be made by Law Enforcement to determine Who may have known of the Killer's Plot beforehand, and
made NO EFFORT to come forward in
Reporting it to the Authorities. 
     For Those Persons are
Just as Guilty of Murder as the Killer is !!
In that Murder, there were eight victims which can Never Speak for Themselves Again.
The Muslim Maniac is surely responsible for the first person he mowed-down to the grave.   Seven more 'Murderers' may still be roaming Free, not brought to Justice ! 
The Death Sentence is the Just Penalty
for 100% Sure Cases of Murder.
     It's hard to believe that his Wife wasn't somehow aware of his Planning.
 Why have We as an Advanced Computer Nation, not closed down by Now,
Terrorist Information and Directives coming into Our Nation over the Web ??
     Are the Police / FBI and Prosecutors only being LAZY, not wanting to Investigate Further?
Do We Want to
Close-Down Terrorism in the U.S.A. or Not ? ?

Monday, October 30, 2017

What Citizens United has Wrought

To Buy thine Own Government !  This is the Current Status Quo !   From the Crime of the Clinton Family to the Bold Lies of the Trump Campaign.  With his and the Republican Tax Plans, the Wealthy are now out to Claim their Revenue 'Entitlements'!   As Well, Crass Enough to state out loud that they will steal from the most vulnerable to do just that !
Those crazy Republicans are so penny-pinching at Debt Ceiling Time, then at Budget Time, they are like 'Bust that Budget to Pieces',  Anything for more more more Negative Revenue and National Debt Increasing for Years; Kicking that Can down the Road for Our Children's Children to become a Third World Dictatorship Nation !   
We are heading there now, with High Crimes and Misdemeanors and Investigations for this that and Everything.  The Media boldly lying through it's teeth.  Selling Out the Nation for Personal Profit!    Collapsing from within and without. 

Friday, October 13, 2017


Now isn't a Big Program that
The Affordable Care Act curtails, have to be Changed by the whole Congress. Isn't this what we've been going through the past Six Months, and Congress has Rejected Trump's purposed Changes on each Attempt !
We don't have a 'King' any longer, so how is the President taking upon
his-self to Change ACA all by his Lonesome????
I know the Constitution Ordains
The President to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”
Think Tanks tell US This clause,
requires the President to enforce all valid Acts of Congress,
regardless of his own Administration's view of their wisdom or policy.
Failure to Comply with The Constitution, which is
The "Supreme Law of the Land" would be at the least
a 'High Crime or Misdemeanor'!

President Trump announced Thursday he would end billions in subsidies for the health care of Americans with modest incomes. Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images ---
-- google/jeff dunham walter pic

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Trump's Tax Plan

One Page Return....Are You Kidding Me ??       That will provide for leaving quite a few Zeros-Off that Page by the Ultra Rich and All the Dead-Beats in the Land ! 
    Not that Tax Evasion has been a Problem in Our Nation Up to Now !
  Raising Taxes on the Poorest and Lowering Taxes for Wealthy Americans, and all sent in on a single-page return. Leaves a lot of Room for Increasing Deficits and Tax Evasion ! !
   Now is not the time to Give the Rich more more more, which means the rest of US get less less less, primarily in Inflation from the Resulting Continuing National Deficits that these
Wealthy Politicians NEVER PAY!

   THINK ABOUT IT; Is it a Great Time to Slash Revenues, to Borrow Money Once Again from Red China after Weve been struck with three terrible Hurricanes, and Americans with No Homes or Processions Left ?   I THINK NOT !!!!!!!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Here's a Note I sent to My U.S. Senators. You can copy and do the Same !

Hello, Senator.    Today on my Radio I heard a Public Service Message from the Labor Dept.  It was very Disturbing.  
    In History, for instance in the Jim Crow South before Lynchings and Such, it would be seen that Negros in Caricature would be pictured as Fiends and Buffoons.  This allowed the Racists room in their minds to Murder Blacks.    Also, the Nazis had to draw an Image and downgrade the Jews in the minds of Germans before they just started Killing Them in Gas Chambers.       
    This Labor Department message, I think must of been straight from the desk of President Trump, as I've never heard anything like it before.    In this Government Sponsored  Message  it portrayed Americans that are utilizing
the 'Unemployment Insurance (UI) program'
as Revenue-Sucking 'Dracula Monsters', for needing to
put food on the Table for Themselves and Children.
             Look into this kind of Thing and Please Stop It.
       Just change the regulations within the Program if it needs Tweaking; but Please

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


So I think We got through the Confederate Flag Issue on Public Property or just got through it.   Then, Pops up this Confederate Statue Thing.     This I think is a Losing Card for the Left to be Playing!     Some of these Millennials haven't Lived Long Enough or not confronted with it at public school, to know Basic Societal Common Sense in the Back & Forth of American Conversation and Problem Resolution.   Sometimes a Political Push can gain large Momentum.    But in good old American lingo, "Don't Push Your Luck"!     Trying to Grab too must at once will undoubtedly get your Hand Slapped by Grandma! or by GOD Hisself.  Everything must be thought through and done correctly.    No One can Have Everything they want!  No One Ever-Will in this World !  or Group or Cause !   This Racial Left backed up by CNN & MSNBC  are Pushing to Their Own Hurt !
        I believe We as a Nation will get through this Conf. Statue  (one Statue represents Thousands of Americans that died on a Battlefield here within our nation) Controversy, not by Rioting or a 3-2 City Council Vote.    For each Statue in Question a more Fair Resolution would be to hold a Local Referendum on that Statue's Removal or No!     Just as We can Not Unwrite History, Never believe that Removing it will Ever Change the Facts that Set It There !!
    Proverbs 22:28(NKJV)   Do not remove the ancient landmark Which your fathers have set.

Saturday, July 01, 2017


Saw today, an interview with a family in Texas
having a Child with Spina bifida.
The father said he had a Good Job.
They said they were Middle Income. We need to remember with our Budget Difficulties and the Fact that
the "Poor will always be with us":
All money coming from
the US Treasury to 'Take Care of Our Own' -the 'Most Vulnerable',
must be on a 'Means-Test Basis' !!!            So that the People that Need It will Get it !!!!

                American Citizens Only !!
That goes for Food Stamp, Housing,
All The Types of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid,
Etc,  Etc.
    Where is that Right Level  ??   And, Who 'Should' Pay More ??
                    We Don't Need To Be Another India.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

GOP Health Plan

                    "A BILL WITH A HEART" ...
         ..  fool me twice, shame on me  .....
                                          ..   'HE'S LYING AGAIN'

                               ART OF THE LIE    
                 by   Donald J. Trump


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Please Send this Letter to Your U.S. Republican Senators. With your own Story in support of Medicaid and/or Other Beneficial Programs that have made America, the Geatest Nation in History.

   I don't know how you'd be able to Live with Yourself.   If you would join in taking Healthcare in the form of Medicaid away from Poor Parents, that are Birthing and Raising the Future of Our Nation.    I needed Medicaid when my wife and I had Our two daughters in the early 90's for the Prenatal Care and Deliveries,  then as well when both Daughters had to spend a week apiece in the Hospital for Breathing Difficulties and also later in early childhood for various Aliments they had incurred.    I remember at one point we had a $2000 bill from a Doctor or Hospital.   I was only making Minimum Wage.  That $2000 seemed insurmountable at the time, yet Medicaid came through for Us.    It was such a Great Relief for Us to have Childhood Medicaid there filling in the Gap!     Now I'm expecting to be a first time Grandfather.   Yet I'm not sure how my oldest Girl and Her Husband are paying for Prenatal and Delivery and the Expenses that will come to them, as they are head over heels in Student Debt at this time.  They are still trying to further their Education.
  How under The Lord's Sun can You Think about Giving the Wealthiest Americans Additional Taxation Reprieves, when We are 20 + Trillions in Debt, and dong that at the Expense of Little Children!      I hope You will be able to think up a good Excuse when it is your turn to Stand before God Almighty !     I and millions more did not vote for Hillary in November because We've had it up over our Eyeballs with the Vast Homosexual Agenda, Anti Israel, Anti Gun, which She Stood for.    But for the Republicans to Stab Us and America in the Back like this, taking away needed programs and Ignoring the National Debt by Lowering Taxes on the Wealthiest is just beyond the Pale !           A Backlash of Those that Gave Trump the Election is ON THE WAY !  And for Republican Senators that support His Hellacious  Agenda, as well !

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Common Sense not Greed Ought Rule the USA.

Yeah Some Anti-Poverty Programs have gotten 'Out of Hand' , but not Worker-Protection Safety Net SSDI. (as well a great many Elder & Disabled rely on the Food Stamp-SNAP. --- Plus, The Working Poor Intact Families very much need Medicaid for their Children's Sake) !
Mostly Those Programs that have Broken Up Homes, so Women can kick-out and Divorce their Husbands, leaving A Women as Head of House with multiple mouths to feed......are to blame for too much Government Giveaway!
   Very Many Labor and other unskilled Jobs do not even come up to a Living Wage. Often Veterans end-up with those Jobs too!
    Can't expect a Business Owner that is entirely Financially Secure from the Sweat of his Workers and those 8 to 5 Workers to pay the same $10,000 / yr. for Taxes.?   This is why we've Never Paid Off
the National Debt since Andrew Jackson's Day. The Rich don't
want to pay their Rightful Share.   
You'd feel entirely different if suddenly you were Disabled Somehow and Completely Penniless !
I use to be a strict Libertarian like you, until Life came knocking on My Door!
Do you actually know what a 'Regressive' Tax is ? Like a Sales Tax or a Flat Tax ?
Warren Buffet paying 20% of all his Big Income and Joe Shmoe up the street also paying 20% on his $35k wages.....That's too much for Joe to afford and it's pocket change for Warren..
..That's 'Regressive' !
A 'Great Nation' Will Take Care of It's Own,
   Not Cast It's People into the Gutter!
Deuteronomy 15:11 ----- Isaiah 58:10

Monday, May 22, 2017

ART of the LIE !

1. We're not going to touch your Social Security !
Yet in his budget proposal, It is said, he is Targeting Social Security Disability, which I'm On and millions of Others who worked and paid into the System until unable to work further and find another job: Yet he wants to Create Trillions of Dollars of Negative Revenue
for The Already Rich Lifestyle.
2. We will not allow Americans to Die on the Streets !
Well according to the above, when Persons
Social Security Disability is Cut Off, Many WILL DIE ON THE STREETS. So, those that are already wealthy can acquire more stuff. All Americans that have worked hard and payed into SS, need to have a little bit of the American Dream and Retire with some semblance of Dignity! We don't choose to be disabled and the testing is extreme. With labor wages over the last 40 years being what they've been, Social Security Disability has been part of the DEAL for
taking Care of Our Own !
3. I'm going to tear up the Iran Agreement !
4. I'll Order the Embassy in Israel be moved
to Jerusalem !
5. We'll End the Johnson Amendment, which prevents
Freedom of Speech from All Houses of Worship !


Tuesday, May 02, 2017

H NO to Trump's Big Tax Cut for Himself. > Big Deficits for the rest of US

image from:
image from:
                                                               DT won't tell US what he's paid the last ten years, and he's not going to tell US how much LESS he intends to pay the next Ten with his 'Tax Plan'.
He's definitely NOT WORKING on the DEBT ->
              $20 000 000 000 000.
            When IT hits Bottom, the Poor will be Crushed First.

          Government Shutdown ?:   What happens to all the People that are receiving any type of Social Security?  
 They won't be able to pay their rent, utilities, put gasoline in their cars, on & on.           Resulting in a major meltdown in the economy !
                                         Just go through all the Cabinet Departments and rip
all the unnecessary, worthless expenditures out of the Budget!
                  The richest Americans should pay income tax of 38% with NO deductions, shelters, loopholes, or any kind of Offsets on every kind of Income including Inheritance, and Capital Gains!     The poorest Americans ought to pay 1% on their yearly incomes including
Social Security, etc.    I'm tired of hearing  that the poor pay nothing!     
             So that's 38 Income Tax Brackets, evenly spaced !
     -No Corporate Taxes, or any kind of Tax on any Business Enterprise.    
          Eliminate all Sales or Vat Taxes. 
                                  They are Regressive!      
    Put Tariff Tax on every import that has
some kind of 'Defense' Use !    So that We
     will build up Our Own Defense Industries !

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Things We Bring Upon Ourselves As A Society

First it was the Asian-Heritage Doctor who refused to leave the Aircraft after being told to by United Airlines and had to be dragged off by Deputies.  It was videoed by a Passenger and another Passenger was all Hysterical, crying about 'Her God', 'Her God', 'Oh Her God'.    If that Woman hadn't been present, I doubt if the incident would have been such a big deal on the News.
 You know We as Individuals can't Fly a Big Jet by Ourselves to our various destinations, so just realize We do Need to cooperate with the Companies that are in that Business. We do that by Choice and a Transaction which has Stipulations!
  So everyone was Outraged, including News Hosts like Bill O'Reilly whom should of exhibited more Logical Sense.  But the major News Empires seem to only care about having Anything to Talk About.
So all the idiots in our nation began saying, this Doctor's going to Sue and Come Away much Richer.
    A few days later we see a Couple abandoning their agreed-to Seating on an Airline and flopping down in unoccupied First Class Seats, then begin to make a 'Scene' when ask to move back to the proper seats.   They eventually get some kind of Accommodation from the Airline.  
I'm thinking these People are 'Gold-Seekers', and planned their maneuver for financial profit only.   'Truth is the victim here'.  And most of Society is going along with it !?   Have You been thinking it is 1849 all over again and have starting planning Your Airline Mishap?
      If so, You are a true 'Bottom-Feeder' !
  This last one which only happened a few days back; and involved deeper planning and more actors to split the Suings !     Ok, this is how it was Laid Down in My View!     The Lady pretended to need assistance from the Airlines Male Flight Attendant as he walked by.   Then pretended that he was being careless and heartless as he helped the baby-holding Mom get the Stroller from the Overhead.  She pretended to be Hit in the Head by the 'Careless' Flight Attendant and started immediately holding her head with one hand and making a scene by 'Crying' also.  It looks like she is intentionally crossing her eyes to appear totally injured.
Two Others were in on this scam:  the Videotagrapher (whom we will have in all this type of New Scams) and the Outraged Bystander to Inflame the Drama !      If all this doesn't effect them a monetary advance, She may sue the Airline for disallowing a double-wide stroller on the plane for travelers with multiple children.
If not recognized these Frauds will spread toward Other Businesses,
destroying our economy and society. 
    Apathy and Me-First in Citizens can Destroy a Nation!
  Maybe it's part of the Bleeding Heart/Snowflake/Zombie generation?
I'm writing this in order to get the best lowest price when I fly.   Not a higher price to fly because I have to pay for these Pay-Outs to Con Artists or higher Insurance Costs of the Airlines to cover such scams.    
       The 'Get the Big Guy' Lawsuits usually result in
                      the  'Getting' of Everyone Else Equally.    

Tuesday, April 04, 2017


Well,  James Comey should be Fired, and Replaced by President Trump.   
He has proven to be an Obama Lackey.
                                   Susan Rice has Spied on US American Citizens and Thrown the Fourth Amendment in the Garbage; WE know is
a FACT.     I want a List of Whom and When was Spied upon !      Are You on the List ?  Am I ?     Full Punishment must be Dealt Out, following this Thread of Legitimate Investigation !        ONLY when Criminals are brought to a
'Just Penalty' Stage, do they begin Fingering those Above Them
in the Criminal Enterprise !  
Justice is Never Justice unless
the Guilty are Punished !     AND
No Bribes Taken !     
           This gives a Warning to Others
       NOT to do the Same in the Future !

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The U.S. Can Not Sustain the Robber Barons !

Well Folks,  I think America is not ready for the Mr. Hyde version of Donald Trump.  I mean the one that told US- as Candidate Dr. Jekyll that he would absolutely move the Embassy to Jerusalem, and the President Mr. Hyde:: with Crickets up to this Point !     Or maybe the Candidate Dr. Jekyll, which said "No One Will be Dying On Americas Streets from Homelessness"; Yet We can not find the Fine Doctor ?  The President D.J. Hyde speaks " Do Away with Meals on Wheels, It hasn't proved 'Cost-Effective' !, and "No Problem, The Elderly Poor must Certainly have their Health Premiums Raised Beyond their Means" !  Ha Ha !      How about "We will De-Fund Planned Parenthood" !   Yet NO Follow-through on that One !!      I do believe that Dr. Jekyll/Trump told US during the 2016 Campaign that He was indeed Pro-Life, yet now Mr. Hyde/Trump has put forth a Supreme Court Nominee (Gorsuch) that stated in his Hearing that he would
NOT Vote to Override Roe v Wade!  He called it 'Settled Law'
((I call it BS --  Nothing in Law is ever 'Settled', especially when Half the American People are Opposed to it))   That's what the Leftist Democrats like to call a 'Mainstream' Judge.   Meaning he's a Leftist Sociopath!   Right now the Democrats leadership are 'Pretending' they will be Voting against Him.   They have it planned out to Hoodwink the Christian Right once again!
     As well I detect a bit of Snidely Whiplash within Mr. Hyde.  It may however be those Money-Grubber Tea-Partiers in Congress that are influencing the Hyde.  They probably have tied Dr. Jekyll to the Train Tracks Somewhere !   Our Dr Jekyll was the most favorable candidate in November regarding Abortion and the Border, even though we'd see
Hyde reflect occasionally !    "Kill Isis, Secure the Border"  then Suddenly "Big Tax Break for Me and Other Super-Rich and Beef Up the Military Super Time while We get this National Debt under control"    SCARY STUFF !      The average Joe that Voted for Him  will not accept these Giant Tax Thefts by the Big Cats any longer while We're down here Scrapping By!   Then Mr. Hyde's ugly face is seen in Shadow, "Go Ahead Kick the Poor in the Gutter and Send His Sons to War" !
   "Our Gains from the Bomb Factories are Tremendous!!  Build More More More."   "Make the Poor Work Now, for the Crumbs We Drop their Way."      
      I say, Prosperity Must Work for Everyone. The Way must be Clear and Open for Everyone !
  If the People don't conceive the way. Teach them the Process !   Teach them early on. Teach them Continuously .  Forget the Old Ways of Instruction !  Just as Subject are taught in the Military.  Simple and Steps at a Time !  to Success for All !
     Most of the Poor in the U.S. could easily explain to the Congress People how to Balance a Budget and Pay Off a Debt.  Because We've had to live that way for years on end.  Yet the Rich only know how to Steal the People's Wealth and Never Pay the Bills they Rack-Up !    Like the Big Emergency at the End of GW's term, where He and his Buddies walked off with Billions and Billions - Trillions !;
and As Barack went-out and Picked Trillions off his 'Money-Tree' on the White House Lawn !
   The USA must enter a period as we have done through history .  A period of spend less. A period of Isolation to Regroup and become Stronger, Morally-Wiser Over Time, so We can be Ready Again for Emergency Times !   This is NO TIME for wider Income Gaps and Building Up for WWIII and Going Completely Broke at the Same Time, because those with the Means are not paying the Nation's Debt and the Taking Care of Our Own,  but on the Frivolous Pursuit of Illusory Mammon!!
      WE should Start Off by Removing the Money Equation from Our Elections !  Put All Campaigns under the Auspices of the Government.  So All Can Be Heard Equally regardless of their Wealth or Lack of It. 
Then Ideas will Rule, 
Not the Buying and Selling of the United States.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Judge Gorsuch is a Real Fake and Jerk

He should not be Voted the Next Supreme Court Justice !    Today He Clearly stated he would not Over-Rule Roe v Wade.    He has a Fence Post stuck so far up his Ass, Splinters and All !   He is not answering the questions at his Hearing Straight forward, rather he is Spinning this way then the Other.  He is NOT HONEST.   He is Answering only what he thinks the
Asking Senator wants to hear !     So far today he has Fakingly dodged questions on Torture and the Second Amendment.       We as a Nation must NOT Hire a Judge that has No Expiration Date, who cannot Honesty State His True Positions.  There may well be neutral and honest Justices.  He isn't honest !   He is totally Off-the-Wall and Lying in saying there are no Republican or Democratic Judges.   We do not want a YES Man for this or any other President !   
We do not  want another Justice Kennedy
when the People want and expect another
Antonin Scalia,
Clarence Thomas, or Samuel Alito !

Monday, March 20, 2017

I thought the CIA is responsible for all Non-Domestic Intel and the FBI for all Domestic Criminal Activities.

While I'm listening to
Federal Bureau of 'Monitoring'
Director J. Comey speak to the House Committee, it occurs to me that those in the Hierarchy of the Russian Government, including Vladimir Putin, do not have the Right to Vote in U.S. Elections unlike other
foreigners which the Obama Administration and Democratic Party has allowed to Vote
and pushed very hard for!
   The American People do however have the Vote, and Gave President Trump
a Clear Victory
by Our Constitutional Means !!   
All the Facts and Questions of the 2016 Presidential Race were covered Extensively by all the Media Outlets that wanted to, Uninhibited thanks to Our
Freedom of The Press.  It was all done On-Time per Schedule.
Nothing was left Undone !   The Voters had All the Information on Election Day and Made Their Choice !!  Undeniably !!!!
        It's time to Retire the under-inflated 'Sacred Football', passed around since 1946 by Congress-Persons,
Democrats and Republicans.  
 That is the Big Bad Boogie Man - USSR/RUSSIA.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Well Who Would have Guessed?
   It turns Out that it is the Republicans that really want to Push Grandma's Wheelchair Over the Cliff  and also all the Kids from
Poor Working Families !     
Only so they can get
'Their Factories' pumping out more Bombs & Missiles !!!
                  PRESIDENT  TRUMP

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

‘Day Without A Woman’ will Be Shutting Schools Around The USA

This idea is great.   Yes woman definitely Need to get themselves Out of the Workforce, on a Permanent Basis actually.   This indeed is a Step in the Right Direction.   Woman are beginning to Realize that they have been taking Jobs away from the Family Breadwinners (The Men, The Patriarchs of Our Families).   This Fine Idea will also give the Female the proper amount of time at home watching over Her Own Children, instead of having someone else looking after the little ones !

Monday, January 30, 2017


Listening to the far Left of the Democratic Party, they are issuing forth more Lies.  Listen to them Complain about President Trump's yet to be Announced Supreme Court Nominee.   "Oh they say, We ((they're in the minority this time)) will not allow the President's Nominee passage, if That Person is Outside the 'Mainstream' of Political thought".
   Well, Get a Braincell.   You Now are Outside the Mainstream according to the American Electorate.    You are way-out.  The American People have had it way over their head with the Immoral, Bloody work of Abortion.  The Homosexual Agenda, You and the Obama Administration have been pushing where it doesn't belong.   You are no longer the Mainstream.  That has been Disallowed.   Hallelujah !

Monday, January 23, 2017


Well I really don't know much about the Affordable Care Act and am not good with numbers.  Plus I get my Healthcare through the Veterans, so I haven't paid much attention.   However some of the things I've heard from the Republicans in Congress, Concern Me.   Like: 
#1.  SAVINGS ACCOUNTS.  How does Anyone with half a brain in their Head expect persons that are scraping by financially with or without Kids in their home to SAVE ANYTHING ??????   
Then #2.  TAX CREDITS.   Again, What good are Tax Credits to Poor People that barely make enough to even Pay an Income Tax (but are overburdened by Sales Taxes that those rich Congress-people, City Council people Love to lay on the Backs of the Financially Insecure).

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Obama Administration: His finale fling

is like a fired Disgruntled Employee, that takes a Sledgehammer to his Bosses Store (the America We Cherish) and begins to destroy as much has he can before fleeing the scene.  He has charged all his associates to level America as much as can be done.     He had been sabotaging the nation all along, now He has to Speed-Up the Process.
    But America is 'Open-Minded'. 
                 Peace be to Ya Barack !

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


1.     Sen. Cory Booker's portrayal in the Senate Judicial Committee and the Congressional Black Caucus,  in their heart they know Negro-Americans have a friend in Jeff Sessions,  however many of them are in the pocket of the Abortion Industry.  Those with Infant Blood dripping from their Fangs and green Cash falling from pockets; they have also joined with the Forces of Sexual Perversion, the same demons that also grabbed and eventually destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and many nations that soon failed after succumbing to those Demons to this day.   As well, These have bought into the Lie which tell US that a slap on the wrist for murderers and other Law Breakers is the Best Interest for Our Nation.  They also support the Illegal Invaders from the Spanish Speaking Nations, who are taking jobs from Negro Americans, that have been part and parcel of the Success of  our Country for 300 yrs.
Senator Sessions is unquestionably a Righteous man and if he had been alive during the Civil war, he would have left the South and would have Lent his Great Legal Abilities to Abraham Lincoln's Administration.

2.   Those that illegally stand-up and shout and yell inside the Halls of Our Congress and at Other Events that are Conducting the Business of All The People, should be dissuaded of such Stinking disregard of Our Democratic Standards.   The honestly best method would be to 'Convict' each of them that Disrupt the People's Business and Sentence them to Six Months in the nearest Federal Prison to the Incident of their crime, without exception.  
Not taking them by the Arm and releasing them outside the Chamber, telling them "not to do it again".

3.  Dylann Roof, the 22yr old that gunned-down nine souls in the South- Carolina Church, and indeed Confessed of it.
   He is rightfully sentenced to Death.
However their are still eight slots open at the  Prison Death Chamber where he is to be Executed.  The Police and FBI need to be out Scouring to find those Responsible,  for Poisoning his young mind.   They are as guilty as he  for the murders, rather they be White Supremacist Leaders, Literature Authors, his family members, or whomever convinced or confused him to take those innocent Lives !!!!!!!!  They must also pay with their life for their Evil Deed!

Sunday, January 08, 2017


All the more the Gun-Haters want to eliminate every weapon owned by The People in the United States, or for this Group or That first, such as Hitler did in the late 30's;  All the more, do a Majority of Americans want to run-out and buy up all the Guns that can be found.  Thus the Gun-Haters are achieving the State that Many More & More Americans have them.  

Friday, January 06, 2017

Did You See

Those Obstructionist Fools that seems would rather not even have a Democracy for these United States, as they continuously tied to deny the results and disrupt the will of the American Electorate at the Counting of the Electoral Votes for President
and Vice President,  which was Chaired by
VP Joe Biden.
   They are an Embarrassment to the USA.