Thursday, May 26, 2016

Albuquerque Riot

This is what happens when our Government has allowed the Third World to just walk into the United States; even when the vast majority of Americans have been saying No No No for years on end.  Both Parties in D.C. have been with the wink and nod saying Come On In !
Donald Trump was the only Candidate saying
'No mas' !   All other Candidates are Establishment!
Of course Illegal Latinos may not Vote Here; and among the Corrupt Governments below the Border the basic way of Changing Government has been via Rioting Demonstrations! Just as they did in Albuquerque.
Don't be Ignorant. Mr. Trump didn't say every Latino is a Rapist, only that there are Rapists
and other Criminals mixed in all those walking into the USA.
Just like the Dollars the Albuquerque Police had to expend, Illegals are costing Our Nation Large amounts of money when we are the Biggest Debtor Nation in the World already !
Shooting to Kill Intruders, where Walls are Ineffective, will be the only Effective way to restore Order and Integrity for the United States.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


So Paul Ryan and other 'Tea-Party' Republicans want Mr. Trump to Kow-Tow to them ?      Well the American Electorate that elected those Republicans to Congress have 'Moved-On' and now are Excited about the Things that Mr. Trump have espoused Over Seventeen Other Republican 'Leaders' that RAN FOR PRESIDENT.  
   He has said things which both BigTent Parties have Ignored for years which The People have been Yelling About at the Top of Their Lungs for Years.... Once in D.C. for some reason they are in a Cone of Silence.      One of these things is that the American People have NOT wanted
their Southern Border porous and Spanish Speakers pouring in and taking Jobs of Every Kind and the Federal Benefits which ought to be reserved for Real American Citizens!
  The American People also want the National Debt reduced Legally. 
   The American People want Good Relations with the Nation of Israel, not it's worst enemy Iran !
    The American People want Social Security and other Helps
there for Themselves and Their Children. 
     The American People want Money Taken Out of Politics.... The Government Funding of Campaigns, so Any American or Issue on the Ballot gets a
Level Platform.
    The Deal IS  the PEOPLE have Realized that these 'Tea-Partiers' have just been another Group that has Lied to Them and Once in the
Seats of Congress
begin sitting on their hands !   
In the last two years more Americans have become poorer and the highly rich which the Tea-Partiers protect have become wealthier !  They need to begin packing their houses for leaving The District of Columbia!
    Donald is his Own Man.  Hopefully
the 'Body Snatchers' in D.C. won't Reach Him  !!!!!!!!

Friday, May 06, 2016

Quit the Bull Shit People

There is now only one Republican Nominee for President, elected by the People of the United States in the same process since Abe Lincoln.
  We have the Two Party System, two major Big Tent Parties, because Our Constitution tells Us that the President must be elected in November and following the Electoral College by a 'Majority'.    If We had many parties as in a Parliamentary System, a 'majority' would never happen in one election.
    So if any American is saying he is not going to Vote for Donald Trump, this means precisely that they are choosing either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders (if Clinton becomes bogged-down in legal troubles) to become President in 2017.   
  We all know that a Vote for a Third Party like the Greens or Constitution Parties will have next to no impact in the Election.   
   We also know that any type of Independent Run for President by Disgruntled Republicans still opposed to Trump, will only split the Republican Vote and absolutely Hand the Election to the Democrats and would liberalize the Supreme Court even further for years and years to come.
  So, Stop the Crap, Grow-Up and Either Be for Trump OR Call Yourself an Independent or Rather a Democrat and  Be for Sanders//Clinton !   
    WAKE-UP!!!  IDIOTS!!!!  
                 eg  Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, etc.