Friday, July 12, 2013

Outcome- Could It Be The Wild West All Over Again?

The Jury is now out on the Trayvon Martin , George Zimmerman Trail.  I can't say the State of Florida put on a very impressive case for Trayvon.  I think the living, just like in this societies attitude about Abortion, have a much more listening audience than the Dead!  That's Sad!
It was apparent that Zimmerman was making up his story as he went along during the Police Investigation!
The State Prosecution lacked a deal of imagination in it's portrayal of the final confrontation of Z. & M.
      Considering further, I would hate to think that the one hispanic juror would forget the facts and override justice in her own mind, to acquit a fellow Hispanic -Zimmerman.  However the Hispanics in the United States today are above and beyond Racist Foremost!  I say this only by the studied example of the illegal immigration question.  My observation is that persons with a Hispanic Heritage even when their parents have been here generations already, when asked during news interviews, their opinion regarding  the illegal entry of persons into this nation, well above 95% of them side with the Hispanic Perpetrators of noncomformance to the law of nations.  Hispanics overwhelmingly racially side with other Hispanics!    We will see what the forthcoming Verdict Displays!    Hopefully I will be wrong in this, and Zimmerman will get what's coming to him, many many years in Prison.  Yet, All Murderers should get the death sentence.  However our nation has lost it's Godly Desire for True Justice!
  Another oddity which is difficult to wrap one's brain around is  the siding with Zimmerman by wealthy Republicans, as example the coverage of the conservative Fox News, Hannity, etc.   It's as though the majority of those types feel it's a good thing that poor people are shot dead on the sidewalks of America.  As if poorer Americans are only so much trash to be scraped off the streets.  I feel if Zimmerman is allowed to walk, it will become 'Open Season' for persons with Concealed Carry Permits to Kill Whomever Gets in Their Way!  After all, the Dead Person can never Speak for Their Self in Court, but the One that Pulled the Trigger can make-up any kind of fabricated Story whatsoever that it was 'SELF-DEFENSE'!   How can it be Self-Defense when only one person has The Deadly Force and The Last Word?
This is my last word right now.  Despite what Mark O'Mara said in his Defense Closing; We Americans Do have the Right to be outside longer than four minutes before a Maniac with a loaded gun starts an Altercation with us!  As well, The Jury Does have the Final Say in American Jurisprudence.  They certainly may and should surmise, speculate,  connect the dots, come to conclusions of their own, and Render Any Collective Verdict They See Fit!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013


This Post goes out to All the Egyptian People!     The World Knows You Want a Democracy!
  One of the Foremost Things a DEMOCRACY HAS TO HAVE IS COMPLETE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!       That can Basically be Included in Your Constitution by Stipulating that:     'NO LAWS  PRO OR CON    SHALL BE WRITTEN ABOUT   ANY TYPE OF RELIGION IN   TITLE OR CONTENT!'    in Other Words:  
All Law Making Bodies in the Nation  'shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,  or prohibiting the free exercise thereof' !         VERY EASY RIGHT !   
Get That Included In Your  New Government   FIRST .



Who was returning from the convenience store with a cold drink and skittles?
Who was the minor and who the adult?

Who was stalking who with a deadly weapon and Who was 'Running-Away' from this altercation?
We Know Who DID NOT follow the Instructions of the POLICE DISPATCHER!

As Well, Who now lies dead in the cemetery?
Who appointed himself Cop, Judge, Jury, & Executioner?

Who has a former judge as a father, who knows how to pull the right strings in this court case?
It is IMMATERIAL who was on top or who was screaming during a scuffle.  Once a deadly weapon is introduced into the equation,   Any including Martin MAY Fight For Their Life in an Effort to Dislodge the Weapon if it's been Pointed Threateningly At Himself.
We KNOW Who REFERRED To Whom, as  an 'Asshole' and a 'Fucking Coon'.