Tuesday, June 17, 2014


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Social Media Newsfeed: Supreme Court to Hear Facebook Threats Case

Lots of Underlying Danger in Potential Wrong Decision by Supreme Court here!
The First Amendment has Served US  all Well for 222 years!  It's very well crafted, even for Our Modern Times!
    Murderers generally don't advertise their action ahead of time.   If he would carry out a murder or crime, the Police would know who to arrest and charge right off the bat, if these types of threats were made on facebook or other social media. 
   This Guy just wants to draw attention to himself!
     Yea, He should be Investigated to determine if he needs to be 'Committed'.
         But, the Great Danger here to Our 'Free' Society, involves a careless Ruling by the High Court that would devolve into Trivial Speech on Forums or Comments such as This (in political debate) being labeled 'A Threat to Someone or Something' !  That would Put A Straight-Jacket on Public Discussion !  A True Slippery Slope .
  People would be 'Reporting' their Facebook Friends left & right for Political Or Religious Views that are disagreeable to them.   Freedom of Speech would Indeed be Squashed. 
  We know that Homosexually within our society right now is a point of contention for very many Americans.  However a portion would like nothing better than to criminalize ''differing opinions'', calling it 'Hate Speech'! Where would It Stop? ? ? ?
Be Very Very Attendant U.S Supreme Court!!!!   The only alternative to a Bad Decision in This would be anarchy, chaos, and revolution. 
            [ Now Did I Say Something Wrong ]

Monday, June 16, 2014

What to do about Iraq --- JUNE 2014

         Concerning the situation in Iraq; Without Real Religious Freedom within any Nation We Vanquish in Combat, or the Other Freedoms Our Forebears handed down to US, that Nation Will Not long endure.
   The First Absolute Step We ought to take at this time, is to demand the Iraqi Government to Eliminate the 'Islam Religion Out-Weighs All Others' Clause in their Constitution!  While they are 'Attending to That', We can Attend to Assisting Their National Defense against these ISIS-Pirates!
  The People of a Nation will Stand-Up and Fight for themselves if they have Real Freedoms!
  After that and Other Encouragements to Democracy, We must disengage and distance Ourselves from Iraq and Allow Them to Govern Themselves Again.