Saturday, March 19, 2016

For the Party --- DROP OUT KASICH --- Didn't You Take the Pledge Also?

John Kasich  has no mathematical chance to possibly win the nomination in Cleveland; So we can positively conclude that he is undermining the Republican Party and Assisting the Democratic Candidate that goes to November!   The Republican Voters have chosen other Candidates Over Him!  He needs to Drop-Out NOW!!
    What is this STUPID TALK about a Contested Convention!?   As soon as Kasich would do the right thing for the Party, there would only be two Candidates left and One of them Mathematically would be Approved by the Delegates at the Convention Very Quickly!!
   So Kasich is tarnishing his own Reputation as an Honest Politician, plus at this point actually Helping the Democratic Nominee !!! 

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Independent Council appointed by CONGRESS to make INVESTIGATION of H. Clinton

An Independent  (Special) Council needs to be appointed by CONGRESS, to take what the FBI has found on Hillary Clinton's Possible Crimes and Determine whether or not to Immediately Prosecute, before we get any deeper into this Election Cycle!!!
  A Constitutional Crisis is dead ahead if Hillary Clinton is Nominated as the Democrat Party Candidate for President and at the same time found by the FBI to be guilty of high crimes against the U.S.
  Now is the time to Act!