Wednesday, July 02, 2008

First Amendment - Religious Clause, for Complete Dummies

  • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
  • This two-part phrase in conjunction with the 14Th Amendment and Article 6, requires all our state constitution, law, statute, ordinance making bodies in the United States and it's Territories to: Make NO written Law ABOUT Religion, in Title or Content!
  • Any state constitution entry or law/ordinance ABOUT Religion will inevitably only fall into one of those two categories: Either respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. There is no way for it to be neutral. Even in it's slightest detail it will side one way or the other; Can't be any way around it.
  • Man being man, and misunderstanding this Religion Clause will always attempt to put some religious idea into law, pro or con, thinking its not respecting an establishment or prohibiting free exercise, but IT DOES in some form or another or to some person or group or another!!
  • If there is No Law about something, then any governmental Authority may not tell you, you must do it or not do it! That is what the Founders intended!
  • When and where religious liberty did not exist, many wars were fought over religious ideas. It is better to have Everyone choose their Own Beliefs, not trying to force or change them, so Everyone may live peaceably, and happily within their Own Conscience. Trying to bring All under One 'Religious System' is a sure way to discontent, revolution, and anarchy! It's never worked, it never will.
  • We must realize as well, that Secular Humanism and it's opposite views and  non-support of traditional beliefs are a Religion in and of itself also!  Any 'Way of Life' or 'Mode of Living' is a Religion !
  • Here are some examples of what are UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws: When 'words' are found written in the legislation, ordinance, etc., IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.: "Faith"-based; "God" we trust; "divinity" students may not have pell-grants; "churches" and other "houses of worship" are tax-exempt; blue laws on "Sunday"; teachers may not display or read from the "Bible" or "Koran"; notices of a "religious" nature may not be posted on the city employees board; soldiers will not defame "Islam Religion" while in Iraq; "places of worship" may not discriminate in hiring; Public Expression of "Religion" Act; students may not quote "scripture" at Commencement; etc.; etc..
  • Anything spontaneous therefore, that any of the People perform, alone or associated together (even at their place of work within government) Regarding Religion (or their disdain for any of it) (as long as they are not violent in some way, publicly vulgar, or stealing) IS LEGAL \ CONSTITUTIONAL! As there is NO Law that says they can't practice such. If there was any law it would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL!
  • There isn't anything beyond the U.S. Constitution that will protect Our Religious Freedom any Further or Better.  Finagling or Tampering with that can only cause problems!
  • Those that hire may always fire without giving a specific reason; Those that rent may evict.
  • You got the idea? GOOD!
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