Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Those Poor Minnesotans Bless Their Heart.

The People of Minnesota have become a laughingstock to the rest of the nation! Their Government doesn't know how to Collect votes, Count, and Transport Ballots! Could be the federal government will have to step in due to Article IV Section 4 "The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union, a republican form of government"
Maybe it has something to do with electing that nut-case Governor Jesse a few years back.
All of this early voting, same day registering, absentee voting, etc., etc., etc. is a bowl full of crock, only a way for crooks to get their finger in the pie.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Stability and Rest for Gaza & Israel

Throw the Idiots out of there! The Idiots that are making war on the People of Israel by shooting Explosive Rockets at Random into Israel from Gaza. Make Gaza Safe. Free from such criminals. Gaza is part of Greater Israel now! It's not an independent Country! Gaza will remain a territory of Israel unless it decides to grow-up soon!

Monday, December 15, 2008

President Bush had a shoe thrown at him

He deserved it for not allowing those People Their Freedom of Religion!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Help Our Brothers and Sisters get Up

The gap between the well-off and the poor is quite large in the United States. Is that the kind of Country We wish to live in here? I'm supporting Barack Obama in this election. Let's prosper again as a Nation, together. It's what made Us Great! Under results of trickle-down economics, the majority of Americans have gotten only that - 'Trickled On'! The richest person in America, recently said in an interview that "guys like him have Never had it so good" referring to our 'recent' rules of the economy. Let's get all of us back into the fray, so we may move as one nation into the American Dream! United We Stand - Divided We Fall !

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bring America back to Americans

Since this is the season of acorns, I will comment on the ACORN story in the news. Anyone in America that is a citizen and wishes to vote, must be required to go to the County Clerk's Office where they live and register in person. No telling how many illegal aliens, non-persons, and duplicates these squirrelly acorn gatherers conned our voting system with. If someone won't get to the Courthouse to register, chances are they don't keep up on the issues anyhow! When anyone does not show-up to vote as a registered voter for an eight year period, there name must be taken off the rolls. If they still live there and can prove it, and wish to vote, they ought to be allowed sameday registering/voting. I am opposed to persons voting who live outside that district, for example persons living overseas for extended periods, eight years or more must not be allowed to vote in U.S. elections. Any kind of vote fraud is a terribly serious matter. Six years in Prison must be the minimum sentence (and also any campaign found at fault forfeits that election)! We certainly don't need any acorn gatherers messing-up our elections. If people aren't interested in registering themselves to vote(we shouldn't have any jim crow laws remaining), then they have no business voting in the first place!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Present the Colors

Hooray for the Patriots within the U.S. House of Representatives that Monday afternoon voiced, 'Don't Tread On Me'!! This is precisely why the Founders prescribed that All Appropriations of China's money begin in the House! This is as Good a Place and Time as any to make "The People"s STAND Against the spend-Crazies.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Ultimate plan, Read Here.

Bush is trying with this scary proposal - "bailout". To bailout without guilt, because of what he's already done to the economy, by his completely sloppy war efforts and adding trillions to the Debt. So he is trying to add guilt to the people by saying , 'Well the people added that last 700 Billion, so you know it wasn't all my fault'. He doesn't want the screen-door to hit him on his way out, so he is propping it open with this huge compliance effort of his. This is another Y2k thing. Calmer heads prevailed then. Jumping into this fire is like going to the doctor before you're sick, or guessing what's wrong with a car and adding expensive parts onto it. I'm just a below-average joe, but common sense has got to win the day. #1 whether you're a nation, individual, or family, there is no way you can go on infinitum spending more than you take in. I hear these 'experts' say "we want to put things back like they have been". Well Dah, We have been spending into debt for way too long, that's why we are in this situation now. And, they want to get it back just like it was, where they can siphon off other peoples money when and where they want. #2 If this Debt is passed (bailout plan- fall 2008), I predict, our government will be back by August 2009 saying we need 1400-Billion more in fiat money(what their not telling us is that we'd be Borrowing this extra bread from China, the ones that called us 'running dogs'). #3 OK, just like in the Y2K scare I knew our nation had very many savvy computer people. Today without going into further Debt (Debt is what is pushing us into a corner we can't get out of), I know there are very many savvy people in our economy. Savvy street (Wall) people that are not going to let our nation fall into the abyss! #4 Just off the top of my head, things like this could be done: -At the bottom of the economy, like local banks, etc. Temporarily rules can be laxed to allow for ingenuity finding simple solutions where the economy meets the populace. -To save money, instead of borrowing more from Japan, let's pull troops in from overseas where they are not really needed, places like Germany (Europe is united and has enough money and people to protect itself). Also read my post on how to get free of this bleeding war. -Allow for mergers, without hard examining it through the anti-trust laws. -Inform our creditor nations that we are running on hard times, and seek forbearance. Then, during the next 25-30 years withdrawal from world affairs while we work to get our own economic house in order and this national debt paid down. (those that have been blessed in America are going to have to take their medicine in taxes) -Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. Also, a line-item Veto right away. -Hands off and let the markets correct themselves. All these band aids aren't helping at all. People are going to want to make money and they will certainly figure the way how. The economy will rebound quicker than you know. -Government only needs to check that violence in Business does not occur. -Set up a government review of everything that takes place, so that when the dust settles, we can know what happened and new procedures that are in practice. -Create temporarily stern laws to protect civility at every level of our society during this transition, so that things run as normally as possible, such as banks opening and people able to get to their money & paychecks. After all our money is insured by the FDIC.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


  • This ginormous going away gift Pres. Bush wants to give his high-powered friends in lieu of the Permanent Tax-Cuts (700Mill-1+Trill, last-minute, must approve now, without thinking about it, oh woe is us, bailout) which he knows he can't get under an Obama Administration-
  • This attempt at Guilt by Association, Pres. Bush wants to lay on the American People (he, through the unconstitutional war debt has set back already the economy for fifty plus years) by complicity with this horrendous Giveaway to the money market big-wigs-
  • This addition to the National Debt (which the super-wealthy friends of Pres. Bush & Much of the Republican Party including John McCain ignore as legitimate monies to be paid-back. They take but won't give back) would as their plan goes, put out of sight their responsibility to repay anything!-
  • This ultimate theft (approval of bailout plan Sep-Oct 2008) will without a doubt push the United States economically off the cliff finally. It will increase the national debt to such an extreme, there will be no coming back. The U.S will be a dog eat dog society. China, Japan, and all our creditors will rule over us.
  • The PEOPLE are NOW Exercising Discipline over It's Congress and Demanding this Thing be voted down and eliminated from the docket. Those that vote for this fiasco will be turned out of their offices.
  • The Free Market is a resilient Thing. It will rebound better without debt. There will always be those willing to extend credit legitimately to business' and citizens looking to improve their lives. God knows there needed to be a readjustment on our out of control personal & public debt spending!
  • This proposed bailout is like telling a child to quit pulling hair in order to get their candy treat; When the child continues to pull others hair, the candy is given anyway (to the little angel that can do no wrong in the eyes of that parent). These Business people that make bad loans are adults and knew the Consequences. Also, congress (as the parent) knew the consequences that were build into the original legislation! So There.

Monday, September 22, 2008


McCain's Campaign is desperate and is playing the race card again with the media.
Pitiful, pandering to nineteenth-century voters.

Friday, September 19, 2008


NO THANKS, Mr. President. We, the American People cannot stand anymore of your good ideas! Just be a good boy and stay in the White House and talk to no one and sign nothing until Barrack Obama shows up to relieve you of your mental strain! ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SPEND ANYMORE MONEY! THAT IS NOT THE ANSWER TO THE ECONOMIC WOES YOU HELPED PROPAGATE, WITH YOUR SILVER SPOON AND THINKING MONEY GROWS ON TREES AND SPENDING ON YOUR UNCONSTITUTIONAL WAR! ABSOLUTELY NO TO A BAILOUT TO THE HOME LENDERS, ETC. THE PROBLEM WITH OUR ECONOMY IS THE EXTENSIVE NATIONAL DEBT PERIOD! ADDING AGAIN TO THAT IS ONLY THROWING GASOLINE ON THE FIRE! The mortgage issue is NOT what is causing the problems in the economy, it is only one of the first of a series of symptoms which we will continue to see until the national debt is lowered substantially! Labeling it as such is only a cop-out and a cover-up until these Republicans can slink out of town to their ivory towers with their pockets loaded with filthy lucre. The Americans that are blessed and have benefited from our society and are well off (meaning that they have no worries going into retirement) are going to have to PAY Their FAIR SHARE in this crunch!! Otherwise there will be no hope for America. All the lower class put together doesn't have enough money for taxes to pull us out of a 'Great'er Depression'. They weren't payed a living wage.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dateline: 01September2008

It is so comical watching the Republican Party dance around as if to avoid or thinking they are going to put the American voter out of mind of what President Bush didn't do to help the 100,000 Americans trapped in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. Pres. Bush DID, sit on his hands! When he could have marshaled buses to be sent in. And also the Republican Administration DID try to Ban the Media from reporting the 1000 dead-bodies found, (just as they are now getting away with to cover-up their failures in the current wars they think will save their wealth). Carrying on like they really care about the citizens in the path of this new Hurricane Gustav, which so 'inconveniently' creates a reminder by making landfall on the first scheduled day of the National Convention. So the Reminder won't be too Great, they are cancelling the first day and now gushing with compassion. It's funny, but sad in a way!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grade Card for Condoleezza

Condoleezza Rice, in my opinion (like the Bush2 Presidency in General) has been a Failure at her Important Jobs. First off as 'National Security Advisor', she never advised the nation on the unsecured state of security prior to 9/11. I understand she was some kind of Russia expert back in the day. Now she is talking down to the only nation on the planet that can annihilate the U.S. with the push of a few buttons. Real smart. Like we can dictate to them like they are elementary-school kids. Why were we pushing those buffer-nations (like Georgia) to come over to the west anyhow? Was that Condee's doing? To what purpose? We are in a Strategic Partnership of Death with Russia, regardless of who their current leaders are. We need to be honoring them, making peace with them, not every little nation on their fringe. They were our ally in the Great War II; They have build the Space Station with us; They sold us Alaska for heavens sake. They are the only ones that can eliminate the threat of Nuclear Weapons with us. We ought to feel fortunate that we have a friend like Russia in this World! Sure we have to stand-up for Democracy and Freedom, but not by beating nations on the head for it. Live and Let Live. War costs Way Too Much!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Job Too Much for Bush, and those that supported him from the beginning

  • President Bush is Weak-Minded for standing by while Russia invades a Democratic Ally, Georgia. I don't know why we were moving in on the previous Soviet satellite nations anyway, knowing that would upset Russia (which has nuclear weapons pointed at us), but letting non-democratic Russia sop-up Georgia which is making a good attempt at Freedom is Cowardice.
  • Goes to show how undemocratic George Bush really is, despite all he claims.
  • The United States needs to be Standing it's Ground in Georgia, protecting any of our personnel and equipment from Russian Roughhousing! Being fired on, we need to fire back. (Russia will not move into an advanced war with the U.S. over Georgia. They know what's at stake!)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

First Amendment - Religious Clause, for Complete Dummies

  • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
  • This two-part phrase in conjunction with the 14Th Amendment and Article 6, requires all our state constitution, law, statute, ordinance making bodies in the United States and it's Territories to: Make NO written Law ABOUT Religion, in Title or Content!
  • Any state constitution entry or law/ordinance ABOUT Religion will inevitably only fall into one of those two categories: Either respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. There is no way for it to be neutral. Even in it's slightest detail it will side one way or the other; Can't be any way around it.
  • Man being man, and misunderstanding this Religion Clause will always attempt to put some religious idea into law, pro or con, thinking its not respecting an establishment or prohibiting free exercise, but IT DOES in some form or another or to some person or group or another!!
  • If there is No Law about something, then any governmental Authority may not tell you, you must do it or not do it! That is what the Founders intended!
  • When and where religious liberty did not exist, many wars were fought over religious ideas. It is better to have Everyone choose their Own Beliefs, not trying to force or change them, so Everyone may live peaceably, and happily within their Own Conscience. Trying to bring All under One 'Religious System' is a sure way to discontent, revolution, and anarchy! It's never worked, it never will.
  • We must realize as well, that Secular Humanism and it's opposite views and  non-support of traditional beliefs are a Religion in and of itself also!  Any 'Way of Life' or 'Mode of Living' is a Religion !
  • Here are some examples of what are UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws: When 'words' are found written in the legislation, ordinance, etc., IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.: "Faith"-based; "God" we trust; "divinity" students may not have pell-grants; "churches" and other "houses of worship" are tax-exempt; blue laws on "Sunday"; teachers may not display or read from the "Bible" or "Koran"; notices of a "religious" nature may not be posted on the city employees board; soldiers will not defame "Islam Religion" while in Iraq; "places of worship" may not discriminate in hiring; Public Expression of "Religion" Act; students may not quote "scripture" at Commencement; etc.; etc..
  • Anything spontaneous therefore, that any of the People perform, alone or associated together (even at their place of work within government) Regarding Religion (or their disdain for any of it) (as long as they are not violent in some way, publicly vulgar, or stealing) IS LEGAL \ CONSTITUTIONAL! As there is NO Law that says they can't practice such. If there was any law it would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL!
  • There isn't anything beyond the U.S. Constitution that will protect Our Religious Freedom any Further or Better.  Finagling or Tampering with that can only cause problems!
  • Those that hire may always fire without giving a specific reason; Those that rent may evict.
  • You got the idea? GOOD!
  • Read my post of Dec. 19, 2005......Pres. Bush - No Conservative Thanks

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Second Amendment for Dummies

  • Please Open Your Constitution and refer to the 2nd amendment.
  • 'A well regulated militia(read the definition of the word militia)' means: The most well-oiled, largest, best force possible to maintain Our Freedom and repel Aggression effectively at all times of dire straits are 'The People', the Citizenry (this group also contains all trained individuals that have returned to civilian life and hunters) which are everywhere, ready to go, to fight at a moment's notice (recall Mr. Revere). To fight anything or anybody that would enslave them! Otherwise, the People are open to any despot that would roll in and rule over them (us). This possibly would include our own government as T. Jefferson warned in The Declaration of Independence.
  • 'Arms' are any weapon that may be carried by a walking man, and are of the same type and grades that are current and routinely issued to soldiers of the Regular Army units (this includes as well, National Guard, Reserve Units).
  • The Way Shown to Achieve the Fact of the first phrase: 'To keep and bear' (wear here to there without question), A 'Right' 'of the PEOPLE' (AMERICANS, not the states, governors, or National-guard paid troops) that "shall not be infringed"!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We can now tell after the several seasons of inter league play in Major League Baseball, that one league's (the American League) rules, which they play under, puts those teams at an advantage and the National League teams at a disadvantage when they meet. Even this season (2008) we see the American League teams again taking the lion's share of victories during inter league play. This doesn't mean that the DH rule makes a better baseball watching experience, it simply means that the use of that rule gives an advantage to those teams that have been playing under it by the time inter league ball comes around.
In the National League (plays the tried & true standard baseball - no DH rule), the pitchers must take a turn at bat. They swing the bat, they run the bases. In the American League where the DH rule is in use, the pitchers just pitch and then sit down till the next inning. That difference alone gives the meeting of AL teams and NL teams, to the AL. The AL pitchers are rested, whereas the NL pitchers have made more exertions leading up to inter league play! After standing in the batters box, concentrating on hitting (which is the exact opposite of pitching) and base running, a pitchers stride is interrupted. Multiply that by the number of games leading up to inter league play and NL pitchers are less focused to a degree on their pitching (as they are part of the team and bat). It's not that the DH rule makes 'better' pitchers, it only means that operating under other conditions and rules creates a different game.
Also, the AL teams will almost always do better in pinch hit situations, due to the fact that they already have players on the bench that have been batting regularly and exclusively as the designated hitter. Whereas a utility player and pinch hitter in the NL may have been sitting on the bench for two nights and more, possibly.
All this doesn't mean that the use of the DH Rule makes for a better baseball game, it doesn't. If you are not interested in the intricacies and strategies of the original game, but only enjoy the superficial aspects of pitching & hitting, then the DH game is for you. However you might as well go out and just see a home-run derby and will enjoy it more. The pitcher is not more or less important than all the other positions and he should bat! We've grown to know that an Afro-American is not more or less important than an Italian-American emigrant. The Ball Diamond is an equalizer. From all walks of life we've met and played the game. Our Original American Game of Baseball is and has always been a 'Team Sport', where everybody gets their 'Ups', with nine players and nine innings per side. Whoever it was that introduced this tenth player, the designated hitter into our national pastime is Anti-American. Our Game as Our Nation must be Unified and be as ONE! Where Every ONE gets their UPs and we ALL take our LUMPs TOGETHER! also read post: Major League Baseball and NFL REORGANIZATION

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How to Bring Gasoline Way-Down.

We have no leadership in the USA! Our elected officials are suppose to watch out for the General Welfare of the People! Because of the effect the private campaign financing system that has evolved, our leadership now consists of the 'Take the Money & Run' type personalities. Why would our leaders allow gasoline prices to get out of hand like it has, and we're being told by them, "You peons have seen nothing yet"! Either they are complete morons (and can't figure out how to solve the problem), or they are pocketing somehow the money we are paying at the pump or are already so wealthy that the gasoline prices haven't pinched them yet, and are buying into Al Gore's preaching that the U.S. must lead by example and force gas prices so high that the peons can't pollute the planet anymore. What they don't see in that regard is that the other nations don't operate the same as the U.S. and Americans are left bearing the pain at the pump when others are drilling and refining more of their own oil. But the Eco-Loonies(they believe they are going to save their own skin at the expense of everyone Else's) are running America and the World following, into the ground! These prices not only effect our personal auto budgets, but will begin a irreversible snowball effect raising every thing involving travel and transport, which is just about the price of everything. That will then weaken our ability to wage overseas military operations. Thus localized warfare will begin to spread across the globe as no superpower will be around to police such situations. With local warfare comes the inability to plant and grow crops. Famine will result. I mentioned our political campaign & election system is now completely eroded from within, and we are getting the kind of politicians that only know how to raise instant cash and spend it foolishly. Not the type of Common Sense people that know basic right from wrong, and stick to it! As an example of the foolish type of thinkers we now have in our legislatures, most will jump on any idea whether they have tied to think it through or not, only if it is the latest fad idea, or if it will somehow fill their pocketbook, no matter if it is right or wrong. For example, recently most every legislator jumped on this bandwagon of 'putting food down inside some fuel-tank or another'. They all praised it and took credit for it. I ran for office myself (I didn't have money to spend on yard signs & radiomercials, etc.), but told my audience that was a damn stupid idea of taking our God given produce and sticking it into a contraption to make it go up in flame in an instant. Whereas the purpose of the sustenance of the ground, sunshine, and rain the Lord gives us is for our bodies fuel alone. Now look what's happening. The cost of food is moving up & up because these moron legislators are only out for the buck, and are not of the mind to do right from wrong. As well, using extensive acreage of arable land for the inexhaustible appetite of the Internal Combustion Engine will wear out the soil so much more rapidly, it may not be good for growing 'anything' within fifteen years, resulting in more famine (and deaths worldwide and here in the U.S.) Don't laugh, I'm telling you so. How to bring down gasoline prices, so that inflation on everything doesn't throw the planet into war & starvation within Fifteen years; Well I will tell you: Common Sense that isn't so common these days. #1 Do not give government subsidies or tax-breaks to already rich Oil Business People. #2 Deregulate the whole Energy field (allow the market place-engine to work) and remove disincentive rules and laws to refining, drilling, exploration. #3 When we are dead out of oil, alright then worry, but until that point don't tell the people we are, and don't act falsely like we are. #4 Give no foreign aid to(except for natural disasters) , borrow money from, or sell military items to governments that are not democratic and do not extend human rights (As are in Our Bill of Rights, especially Religion, Speech, & Assembly) to it's Citizens. Kowtowing to Saudi Arabia, and the like will only come back on us in a big, bad way. As it is already doing, IE. 9-11, Iraq war, etc.. #5 Accommodate the Caribou, as best as possible and drill in ANWR. Build new Refineries. I live in NW Missouri, and it's said a large oil reservoir is under here. It's everywhere, we are not running out! But, open up the marketplace (not try & force it in one way or another) and it will solve our energy problems all by itself, with every new invention, resource, etc.. #6 Let's change our election system, so it can work for and not against us (this controls everything about our society). We can no longer put every elected office up for the highest bidder to take and use as their own private possession. The playing field Must be Level! Have office seeking candidates be chosen at random (form of sortition) for a predetermined number to appear on the ballot. Then all given equal media coverage run by an independent state agency, so everyone rich or poor is on an equal footing. Our generation Must make this advance on the road of democracy. {read blog entry Oct. 26, 2009 - Public Sponsored Election Campaigns} #7 During the administration of Andy Jackson was the only time in our history when we had zero national debt. Yet now it is at a point where inflation can not be held back. THE GOAL of our next Congress, President, Supreme Court, States, and All The People MUST BE to Pay Down steadily, consistently, reliably, over time, until it is GONE. If we Do not right away, we will have Dooddly-Squat to say on the World Scene very Soon. The Baby Boomers have been Coddled since we drew our first air; however, those of us that are set for life by this time must be taxed, and taxed well. The poor of our nation are not going to provide the funds to save our culture. I support a true proportional income tax, (so-called fair sales tax is completely regressive) where ALL individuals rich or poor (no tax on business or organizations) are taxed at the same percentage on their total yearly increase. No exemptions, shelters, etc., etc.. You, whoever you are in charge, I have this to say to you: Crime Never Pays

Sunday, May 25, 2008

GOD has Consumed Me. -- What Do I Do Now?

I think I should listen for His Voice Within, and Obey! That's Good Advise for Anybody, Anytime.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Do we really need a President of the U.S. that wants to Change The Rules in the Middle of the Stream? I'm talking about Hillary Clinton, desiring to change the original rules set down by the Democratic Party previous to the Presidential Campaign starting. How would that kind of Action be read when dealing with Other Nations?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Where do they come from??

  • may 19, 2008
  • What have I heard now?
  • Some Clinton Supporters are saying: That if she doesn't get the nomination, they will vote for McCain in November.
  • That Don't Make a Lick of Sense! ; Considering the difference of the Democrat and the Republican Platforms, one out to help the Poor, the other the Rich.?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bye Hillary - Hello Chuck

Well, She's quite the fighter! Hillary Clinton. She really put in the best effort in the race for the White House. I think we can all give our ex-first lady a collective hug!
I urge every American reading this to google 'Chuck Baldwin' & 'Constitution Party' (Chuck Baldwin is the 2008 Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party). People have been saying we need a Third Party in America, and the Constitution Party is it! They are the next largest party, and many people are turning to them. People are tired of big corrupt money running the show! The people at the Constitution Party are genuine average Americans that know right from wrong. Principled people that understand things don't have to be so discombobulated, because the use of universal 'Principles' of right & wrong do exist, and are not as has been taught in our public schools, all things 'just relative'.
I Urge Everyone to see that Their State has ballot access for the Constitution Party and please contribute to the party and Chuck's campaign.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well I'm expecting it, aren't you? Expecting What? One afternoon, to hear the news bulletin across my TV, that some arab/muslim group or like nation has launched missiles & rockets into, and are sending fighters across the borders of little ol' Israel Again (as Forrest Gump would say). Israel whose history goes back thousands & thousands of years [Islam began about 600AD]on that very soil and is documented in one of the world's greatest books. The Arabs say they are Intruding. (even though Israelis bought their land legally).
Well, Israel will commence to repel the aggression.
Every nation in the world knows that under the same circumstances if their country was invaded, the only reasonable course would be to use every kind of force at their disposal to kick the snot out of the enemy and leave a bloody pulp on the ground. Aren't I Right! And don't you know those Terrorist Thug Nincompoops that Keep Assaulting Israel deserve the worst kind of beating every time they try, so they'll get it through their thick craniums maybe it's not a good idea! That's how human beings learn sometime, trial & error.
Yet then, Can you believe we'll hear people at the UN and in the news media and elsewhere say: "Hold up Israel, please don't knock the living daylights out of them, You're being Too severe, after all You started it, don't you know. They're only ignorant people, they really didn't know what they were doing. Have mercy on Them."
Well what I have to say to those defenders of Insanity who keep egging on the Terrorist Thugs to their Destruction is 'BULL CRAP'!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Major League Baseball and NFL REORGANIZATION

How to reorganize Major League Baseball:
#1 End DH Rule. In practice that rule elevates the Pitcher above all the other Positions on the Field. Thus it is no longer a 'team' sport.
#2 Combine American & National Leagues into one. The new American National League (combine - overlay - redesign the logos into one). The American National League Champion every year would compete in a Real World Series against the Champions from the Asian National League, Latin National League, European National League, etc..
#3 Our All-Star game would rotate from city to city through all the major league towns in order (not as to who has the newest stadium), starting with the cities where it has been absent longest, ie Tampa Bay Rays and so on, and alternating North to South. The players leading in Stats in every category, after adding the previous season's 2nd half to the new season's 1st half will be the All-Stars, those receiving the highest marks, those representing the Northern Cities and those of the Southern Cities, based on latitude of the Stadiums. (throwback to the Civil War, when baseball was a momentary release for troops & citizens of the North & South). The highest finishing team of the previous season, of the north and of the south, will provide the manager and coaching staff. (Eventually there may be a World All-Star Game)
#4 The sub division of the 'American National League'(ANL) will be Divisions based and kept strictly on the longitude of the various Stadiums. No more than six teams in a division. Adding divisions as expansion occurs, and keeping teams in divisions east to west, and with team moves.
Pacific Div. = SF Giants, SE Mariners, OA Athletics, LA Dodgers, LA Angles, SD Padres.
Western Div. = AZ DiamonBs, CO Rockies, TE Rangers, HO Astros, KC Royals, MN Twins.
Central Div. = SL Cardinals, ML Brewers, CH Cubs, CH White Sox, CI Reds, AT Braves.
Eastern Div. = DE Tigers, TB Rays, CL Indians, FL Marlins, PI Pirates, TO BlueJays.
Northeast Div. = WA Nationals, BA Orioles, PH Phillies, NY Yankees, NY Mets, BO Red Sox.
With five division there are three wildcard slots, etc..
*would also like to see: go to non-splintering bat (for public & player safety) of metal or other substance that would be of equal weight of the woods and of the same resonance, thus producing the same distance/force hit with the same current swing.
#5 Salary Caps and effective parity between teams! I think it's time the fans/customers took this game back for themselves.
#1 Instead of playing teams in ones Division twice, home & away every year, there will no longer be Divisions of the NFL, and no team will be played more than once a year! So, sixteen 'different' teams will be played in the Regular Season. (pre-season schedule is up to each team and/or league)
#2 Standings consist of all teams in one single listing.
#3 Immediately proceeding Pro Bowl Game, the next seasons schedule will be made entirely by 'random' draws.
#4 Playoffs will consist of the top sixteen teams with best won-loss records in regular elimination rounds, (tie-breakers = head to head, mutual opponents, etc.).
#5 Pro Bowlers will be selected by determining the Stat Leaders in every category. If they wish to take part in the Pro-Bowl they will be named to one of two teams: Dividing the NFL in half & Consisting of Cities of the East and those West!(based on longitude of the stadiums). The highest finishing coaching staff from the west and the east cities, desiring to take part will fill that role.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Future of America & The World

Well it appears at this point, the National Media Machine has been given their marching orders in this Democratic race between Obama & Clinton. Whoever directs those orders, favors Clinton. It is now middle March and all we are going to see on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC until 28 August when the Democratic Convention closes is snipe-snipe-snipe-snipe-sniping against Obama and in favor of Clinton. People that rely on those news outlets have to realize what's being done to them, and just not be manipulated again. But it has begun in earnest now with this story on Obama's pastor, as soon as that fails something new will be introduced and shoved down America's throat against Obama by the Machine.
I am a pro-life, anti-war, middle aged, parent, white male opposed to tax-cuts for the well-off.
I haven't heard anything outrageous or over-the-top by Obama's retired pastor in those news clips. First of all America IS run by rich Whites. Also, the KKK DID originate in America and still DOES exist to a lessor degree. And God WILL damn America, like he has Judged every nation in history that CONTINUES in prideful sin! So I don't know what leg those doing the sniping have to stand on in this segment of attacks in favor of Clinton.
One thing I must comment on though, is if the melting pot of the world, the so-called last best hope for Mankind, America, can not overcome its own racism, then what leadership or hope is there for a World that simmers & stews in it almost constantly.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ballots NOT Bullets

This post is about the Serbian Anger at the U.S.A.'s acknowledgement of an Independent Kosovo. This episode just goes to show President Bush's complete lack of understanding of Democratic Principles. (despite his claim, that he is the President that requires the advancement of Democracy overseas), (as well the reason Iraq & Afghanistan are still in such a mess after five years of outrageous expenditures and Deaths, due to No Religious Freedom in those Constitutions, being approved by Bush; See my Post entitled 'Genocide'.) The accepted way a political entity breaks away from a mother nation, etc., is that a referendum be held within the entire nation (including the part that wishes independence). If the majority vote within both the Entire nation (which includes the vote in the smaller part) and the smaller part itself approve the Independence, Independence is Achieved. These Principles are written within our U.S. Constitution. (Article 4, Section 3) So, the Bush Administration has No Excuse for such Ignorance and Blunders!