Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well I'm expecting it, aren't you? Expecting What? One afternoon, to hear the news bulletin across my TV, that some arab/muslim group or like nation has launched missiles & rockets into, and are sending fighters across the borders of little ol' Israel Again (as Forrest Gump would say). Israel whose history goes back thousands & thousands of years [Islam began about 600AD]on that very soil and is documented in one of the world's greatest books. The Arabs say they are Intruding. (even though Israelis bought their land legally).
Well, Israel will commence to repel the aggression.
Every nation in the world knows that under the same circumstances if their country was invaded, the only reasonable course would be to use every kind of force at their disposal to kick the snot out of the enemy and leave a bloody pulp on the ground. Aren't I Right! And don't you know those Terrorist Thug Nincompoops that Keep Assaulting Israel deserve the worst kind of beating every time they try, so they'll get it through their thick craniums maybe it's not a good idea! That's how human beings learn sometime, trial & error.
Yet then, Can you believe we'll hear people at the UN and in the news media and elsewhere say: "Hold up Israel, please don't knock the living daylights out of them, You're being Too severe, after all You started it, don't you know. They're only ignorant people, they really didn't know what they were doing. Have mercy on Them."
Well what I have to say to those defenders of Insanity who keep egging on the Terrorist Thugs to their Destruction is 'BULL CRAP'!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Major League Baseball and NFL REORGANIZATION

How to reorganize Major League Baseball:
#1 End DH Rule. In practice that rule elevates the Pitcher above all the other Positions on the Field. Thus it is no longer a 'team' sport.
#2 Combine American & National Leagues into one. The new American National League (combine - overlay - redesign the logos into one). The American National League Champion every year would compete in a Real World Series against the Champions from the Asian National League, Latin National League, European National League, etc..
#3 Our All-Star game would rotate from city to city through all the major league towns in order (not as to who has the newest stadium), starting with the cities where it has been absent longest, ie Tampa Bay Rays and so on, and alternating North to South. The players leading in Stats in every category, after adding the previous season's 2nd half to the new season's 1st half will be the All-Stars, those receiving the highest marks, those representing the Northern Cities and those of the Southern Cities, based on latitude of the Stadiums. (throwback to the Civil War, when baseball was a momentary release for troops & citizens of the North & South). The highest finishing team of the previous season, of the north and of the south, will provide the manager and coaching staff. (Eventually there may be a World All-Star Game)
#4 The sub division of the 'American National League'(ANL) will be Divisions based and kept strictly on the longitude of the various Stadiums. No more than six teams in a division. Adding divisions as expansion occurs, and keeping teams in divisions east to west, and with team moves.
Pacific Div. = SF Giants, SE Mariners, OA Athletics, LA Dodgers, LA Angles, SD Padres.
Western Div. = AZ DiamonBs, CO Rockies, TE Rangers, HO Astros, KC Royals, MN Twins.
Central Div. = SL Cardinals, ML Brewers, CH Cubs, CH White Sox, CI Reds, AT Braves.
Eastern Div. = DE Tigers, TB Rays, CL Indians, FL Marlins, PI Pirates, TO BlueJays.
Northeast Div. = WA Nationals, BA Orioles, PH Phillies, NY Yankees, NY Mets, BO Red Sox.
With five division there are three wildcard slots, etc..
*would also like to see: go to non-splintering bat (for public & player safety) of metal or other substance that would be of equal weight of the woods and of the same resonance, thus producing the same distance/force hit with the same current swing.
#5 Salary Caps and effective parity between teams! I think it's time the fans/customers took this game back for themselves.
#1 Instead of playing teams in ones Division twice, home & away every year, there will no longer be Divisions of the NFL, and no team will be played more than once a year! So, sixteen 'different' teams will be played in the Regular Season. (pre-season schedule is up to each team and/or league)
#2 Standings consist of all teams in one single listing.
#3 Immediately proceeding Pro Bowl Game, the next seasons schedule will be made entirely by 'random' draws.
#4 Playoffs will consist of the top sixteen teams with best won-loss records in regular elimination rounds, (tie-breakers = head to head, mutual opponents, etc.).
#5 Pro Bowlers will be selected by determining the Stat Leaders in every category. If they wish to take part in the Pro-Bowl they will be named to one of two teams: Dividing the NFL in half & Consisting of Cities of the East and those West!(based on longitude of the stadiums). The highest finishing coaching staff from the west and the east cities, desiring to take part will fill that role.