Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hello Everyone; This is my first post on blogspot. I just came over from ebloga; where I wrote 'The World according to Me' only briefly. (check out what I wrote there= http://utopia.ebloga.com ) Also for the 40-50s something crowd; Check out my Radio Station on Yahoo LaunchCast. Go to the Radio Station Guide Page - scroll to the very bottom of the page , and in the members station box type in: kres10wave You may like it! I want to say something about the New Orleans clean-up situation. I believe it is absurd to force Americans to leave their homes and property. Tell me I didn't tell you so; when we finally find there has been a Massacre of Innocent Poor Persons and continued mal-treatment of the non-well-to-do! Although, the government and their allies , the Big Media will be Sweeping it under the Carpet Very Fast! I'm from Missouri. Where does the 'Buck' Stop??