Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Who out there likes American Major League Baseball? Who out there would like to see some Changes in American Major League Baseball? Well, The Following are my Ideas to Improve Major League Baseball. Also coming in Later Blogs: Improvements for the NFL. & MLS. To Begin; I will list the things I do not like about the current MLB. 1. Designated-Hitter Ball. That's what I call it, because it certainly is not Real Baseball, like the game that took us up to 1973, (two things happen in 1973,that jerked American's SOUL.- DH Ball & Roe v Wade) the game The Senior Circuit has MAINTAINED: Regular Good Old American Baseball! From the days past ,This was the Original Game that brought Americans out to the BallParks. The DH Rule detracts Significantly from the Game. If you might be an Automaton, which only wants to sit and watch the superficial aspect of Baseball; the hits, strikeouts, & runs, go Home and think you've seen a Ball Game. Well DH ball might be up your ally. Yet Real Baseball where the nine men on the field each get their 'UPS'; the game we played as kids in make shift fields behind our homes and scratch games Adults have played for centuries in City Parks across America. America has always been about fairness and democracy, This is exhibited in Regular Baseball: Everyone gets the chance to Hit. Extra Innings-No Ties (ever watched a soccer game end in a tie-BORING). Teamwork throwing the ball around. Three strikes=Out > Three outs=Side Out. Hit batter=TakeBase. Simplicity is the Rule behind the Beauty of the Sport! Personally I enjoy anticipating how any Pitcher might do at the Plate ,occasionally they DO Get Hits which adds some surprise to the game. Adding the DH into the lineup is just NOT Democratic (where did this 10th guy come from?). With the DH your Managers just might as well go to sleep(just nudge him if the game starts to get out of hand, so he can wake up and change the Pitcher ANY TIME without any repercussions). That's Superficial Baseball! Having to maybe Wait and Leave the Pitcher In because the Pitcher is due to hit next inning(wait and change him out then,so using a Pinch-Hitter) adds some mystery to the equation. Especially in Close Contests. And having a weak spot in the line-up will keep the game close and exciting. Batting and running the bases will ware down a pitcher some , maybe prompting his early removal from a game. Or throw off his Rhythm. There is a reason the American League teams may perform better in interleague play. The National league Pitchers are that much more tired or run-down, whereas the American league pitchers are fresher from sitting on the bench all season when the National pitchers have been swinging a bat and running bases as well as their pitching duties. I want to see the best Athletes when I buy a Ball Ticket, not has-beens, over-the-hills, that can't complete in the field anymore like the DHers, which are taking up space on the Rosters, blocking healthy young Men from rising to the majors, and showing us all their brilliance. Just think if Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle, Bath Ruth or others would have had to wait behind some old Fart in the minors several more years. They may have given up hope and left baseball before we ever knew them, certainly their early exploits would have been in the minors and not the Major Leagues where the spotlight shown on them. We are NOT getting the BEST Product with DH Ball!