Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blood on the Hands of CNN

There needn't be any kind of Ceasefire in Lebanon, until Israel finishes Boxing the Ears of the Bully Hezbollah. How are those people ever going to learn to not Attack Israel, unless they get their Butt handed to them. The United States needs to keep its noise out of that situation! There Needs to be a Learning Process on the part of the Muslims that *only want to Push Israel into the Sea*. That will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN according to the HOLY SCRIPTURES; So Someone needs to INFORM those Muslims of the FACT! If they Insist on Repeatedly Attacking Israel (which only wants to be left alone), the ONLY WAY They will Realize it is a Fruitless Endeavor is if they get thoroughly Whipped a few times. Apparently they are so stupid, they just keep coming back for more punishment. But, Israel is Not getting any enjoyment out of kicking its neighbors around and getting soldiers killed. The Atrocities that occur in this recurring conflict are on the Hands of Those who 'Egg ON' Hezbollah and the other Militant Muslims by calling on Israel to hold off on the ASS WHIPPIN due them. Allowing the Terrorists to regroup for another Murder Spree, and the further Continuation of this.