Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well I'm expecting it, aren't you? Expecting What? One afternoon, to hear the news bulletin across my TV, that some arab/muslim group or like nation has launched missiles & rockets into, and are sending fighters across the borders of little ol' Israel Again (as Forrest Gump would say). Israel whose history goes back thousands & thousands of years [Islam began about 600AD]on that very soil and is documented in one of the world's greatest books. The Arabs say they are Intruding. (even though Israelis bought their land legally).
Well, Israel will commence to repel the aggression.
Every nation in the world knows that under the same circumstances if their country was invaded, the only reasonable course would be to use every kind of force at their disposal to kick the snot out of the enemy and leave a bloody pulp on the ground. Aren't I Right! And don't you know those Terrorist Thug Nincompoops that Keep Assaulting Israel deserve the worst kind of beating every time they try, so they'll get it through their thick craniums maybe it's not a good idea! That's how human beings learn sometime, trial & error.
Yet then, Can you believe we'll hear people at the UN and in the news media and elsewhere say: "Hold up Israel, please don't knock the living daylights out of them, You're being Too severe, after all You started it, don't you know. They're only ignorant people, they really didn't know what they were doing. Have mercy on Them."
Well what I have to say to those defenders of Insanity who keep egging on the Terrorist Thugs to their Destruction is 'BULL CRAP'!!