Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Second Amendment for Dummies

  • Please Open Your Constitution and refer to the 2nd amendment.
  • 'A well regulated militia(read the definition of the word militia)' means: The most well-oiled, largest, best force possible to maintain Our Freedom and repel Aggression effectively at all times of dire straits are 'The People', the Citizenry (this group also contains all trained individuals that have returned to civilian life and hunters) which are everywhere, ready to go, to fight at a moment's notice (recall Mr. Revere). To fight anything or anybody that would enslave them! Otherwise, the People are open to any despot that would roll in and rule over them (us). This possibly would include our own government as T. Jefferson warned in The Declaration of Independence.
  • 'Arms' are any weapon that may be carried by a walking man, and are of the same type and grades that are current and routinely issued to soldiers of the Regular Army units (this includes as well, National Guard, Reserve Units).
  • The Way Shown to Achieve the Fact of the first phrase: 'To keep and bear' (wear here to there without question), A 'Right' 'of the PEOPLE' (AMERICANS, not the states, governors, or National-guard paid troops) that "shall not be infringed"!