Monday, October 13, 2008

Bring America back to Americans

Since this is the season of acorns, I will comment on the ACORN story in the news. Anyone in America that is a citizen and wishes to vote, must be required to go to the County Clerk's Office where they live and register in person. No telling how many illegal aliens, non-persons, and duplicates these squirrelly acorn gatherers conned our voting system with. If someone won't get to the Courthouse to register, chances are they don't keep up on the issues anyhow! When anyone does not show-up to vote as a registered voter for an eight year period, there name must be taken off the rolls. If they still live there and can prove it, and wish to vote, they ought to be allowed sameday registering/voting. I am opposed to persons voting who live outside that district, for example persons living overseas for extended periods, eight years or more must not be allowed to vote in U.S. elections. Any kind of vote fraud is a terribly serious matter. Six years in Prison must be the minimum sentence (and also any campaign found at fault forfeits that election)! We certainly don't need any acorn gatherers messing-up our elections. If people aren't interested in registering themselves to vote(we shouldn't have any jim crow laws remaining), then they have no business voting in the first place!