Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's just provide healthcare for the Whole World, while we're at It

Apparently, we now learn that the '45-50 million people without healthcare' line the liberal-side has been feeding us, includes 'mostly' Mexican Citizens that have crossed into the United States Illegally. Well, the answer again is NO, don't Vote For That Mr.& Ms.Congressperson!
This is what has happened to California, the reason they are OUT of Money. They are spending on non-Citizens.
The best policy the United States of America can Do for all Mexican Citizens, is insist and enforce that the Mexican Government reform itself Democratically. Then Mexicans will want to live in Mexico where they have a say in their Government!!
If a child of Mexico was born in the U.S., give them documentation and those may return as full Citizens after they've turned eighteen. Otherwise seal-up the border, completely stop assimilation, and begin mass- deportations! At that point there will be jobs available for American Citizens and Our 'Unemployment Benefit' burden will be reduced, so we will not be in debt as much to the Chinese and Arabs.