Monday, December 07, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Conference

Under the U.N.’s CDM - Clean Development Mechanism, which lists the U.S. as an Industrial nation. China is not on this same list, called the Annex 1 countries, which I find odd, considering most all consumer goods bought by the Citizens of the United States are manufactured in China. In fact, China overtook the U.S. as the largest Carbon polluter nation in the world as of 2006. It's an erroneous belief that China is a poor country, while the U.S. is rich. It is ridiculous that The United States and other nations are supposedly to “foot the bill” for China to change over to less polluting systems, when we are the ones in debt to them already up to our eyeballs. They can certainly finance their own changeover! If we think, as the United States that we are sparing as equals in this forum, then we really ought to back off before we come out of this with two black eyes. So far our Congress has done right, by not going along with this U.N. nonsense. China is not only trying to suck in free money, but also clean energy technology transfer. Their track record in respecting intellectual-property rights is dismal. Are we going to let China put the U.S. in its back pocket on this?