Tuesday, June 01, 2010

More Nonsense in the News from the Israel-Haters (-Hitlers)

When will the Anti-Semitic bigots ever learn. This photo of Berlin at the close of WWII represents what happens to Anti-Semitics and All racial and religious bigots in the end! Yet they wish to pull the world into their dark hole with them. Satan, the Devil is controlling you, if you have ill feelings toward the nation of Israel. Israel only wants to live peacefully in their ancestral homeland. They attack no one, but are constantly attacked. They defend only themselves, yet are constantly harassed.
To the Muslim world, I say 'Forget about trying to kick Israel out of their ancestral homeland. They have reclaimed it for themselves and they are not going anywhere, anytime soon!' Not only the Jews, but the Christians were There Long Before Muhammad was Born!
Whoever You Are. We are Not following You into your stinking dark hole! If you are smart you will climb out and smell the fresh air again, and stop being a Religious and Racial Bigot!