Thursday, July 01, 2010


Jesus recognized borders, saying He was sent to the House of Israel First-most!We have all the latent Talent we need right here within our own nation. So much potential is going wasted within the United States. How can we accommodate many million more poor at this time when our financial house of cards is about to collapse? No less Terrorists walking in a dozen at a time. Our President and most Politicians in Washington are Traitors!
Real Solutions:
Apache gunships on the BORDER. JOBS for AMERICAN CITIZENS deporting MEXICAN CITIZENS. Mexicans born here with documentation may return as US Citizens when 18! NEWLY OPENED 'LIVING WAGE' -JOBS for AMERICAN CITIZENS in Agriculture, Factories, Labor Positions, & All Service Fields. College Educations, & Technical Training Education for the Best and Brightest of AMERICAN CITIZENS whose Grandfathers fought in OUR Battles. NO MERCENARY Army protecting AMERICA - NON-CITIZENS Disallowed in OUR BATTLES & MILITARY!