Thursday, August 12, 2010


Regarding the proposed Mosque near the Twin Towers Destruction Site: It doesn't have to do with the Religious Liberty Issue (funny after we've spilled blood and money in Afghanistan for nine years, there was no religious liberty for the nine murdered medical missionaries last month), or whether that old building has historical significance. It has everything do to with finding out by Law Enforcement Investigation, whether the owners and developers of said project have connections to Terrorists and Terrorist Organizations. We ought to take the time right now to do this FBI/ Law Enforcement (and Not make It Political) Investigation, and gather some hard facts, and then proceed with allowing or not allowing this Mosque to be built! After the structure is completed is the wrong time to say " Oh we should of looked into this Group a bit harder"! It's possible the Persons behind this project may need to be disallowed from conducting major transactions within the heart of Our Largest City, or Jailed, even Deported. LET'S LOOK INTO IT. photo from: