Wednesday, December 08, 2010


We must not extend the Bush Tax Cuts to any level of Society, the rich, middle class, or lower. We must not extend the unemployment benefit for those who have used that up. Those who can not make these kind of difficult budget decisions are weak and do not belong in our government. This type of person is the reason our nation is in debt to others that do not hold our values of human freedom. What we must do now is cut out all frivolous waste. Providing Medicaid for children of poor parents is not frivolous waste, paying do-nothing Congress people more than the average American income is! Also, we must phase out all regressive sales taxes in this nation, and the progressive income tax while phasing in a flat proportional income tax. This type of tax will have no tax shelters, loopholes, credits, etc. All Americans, at every level pay the same percentage of their increase, whether they receive a government check or are independently wealthy.