Thursday, May 12, 2011

AMERICA A LAUGHINGSTOCK repost from June 21, 2010

This is what will happen when don't ask - don't tell  is removed, which would allow homosexuals to live their lifestyle openly in our military. 1. Homosexuals would flood into the recruiting offices. Most will be not interested in the Military at all, but they will come only to push the Homo-agenda upon society further. Normal procedures during medical examinations, which might normally keep unworthy specimens out of the service will be soon abandoned by political pressure. 2. Straights that show up at the Entrance Exam Stations might suddenly change their minds about a military career, when they see the type of co-worker they will be expected to share close living conditions with. 3. Most Straight men and women will not even give a military career a second thought and steer themselves into civilian endeavors. This is a discrimination against Straight people who are disgusted by the open lifestyle of Homosexuals. Those who would have excelled in our Military, now will never serve the Country and never become Veterans! 4. Those honest, Straight service members that still have obligations to fulfill will exit the Military at their first chance. 5. Within three years of this new law going into effect, manpower will have dropped-off by thirty percent. Stop-Loss will resume in full force. We will see riots on our Military Posts, desertions and legal battles! 6. Administrative decisions will lead to the U.S. abandoning our Outposts around The Globe. 7. Insubordination will become a new norm as the Homosexual service member will half-heartily respond to orders! Instances of 'Fragging' (the murder of officers by enlisted men) will occur frequently. The murder rate within the Military ranks will multiply generally. 8. We will NOT be winning battles and Ships WILL be lost at sea! Other Nations of the World will not hold joint exercises with Us. 9. Our NATION Will Be Defenseless within six years of this policy!
Please America pay attention how  Your Elected-Representatives Vote, and Take that to the Polls with You, or Run Yourself against this sort of Madness!