Wednesday, July 06, 2011


I.  We should absolutely do the hard work to back away from these continuous 'raisings of the Debt Limit'! 
II.  With our current impasse, where one Party wishes to raise revenues and the other wishes to slash appropriations.  We indeed ought to agree to a dollar for dollar trade-off.  Rather millions and billions in dollar for dollar trades.  For example, for closing several of the egregious tax breaks, the Democratic Party would agree to Program cuts in like numbers.  
Some are yelling 'Entitlements';   Well OK we can begin means-testing those if you insist!  So we can pair those who need that and those who don't. 
You know, that's so easy to say.  Those who have an income may not care about the poor elderly and disabled or minimum-wage families with sick kids. 
III.  The best place of course to begin cuts would be in the Military.  We certainly do not need bases all around the world, when there isn't a solvent nation or functioning people here to protect!
It is the oldest adage in government.  Do We Want more 'Beans or Bullets' with the economy as It Is Right Now ?
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