Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Well, We've been batting back and forth the amount $250,000/yr. as the mark where wealthy in America meets poor.  I believe we shouldn't change the amount now after we've just had a big election on it!
If any family can't seem to make it on that kind of money, than we know they are living in an Ivory Tower!
While the nation rots in debt, those that argue against gathering revenue from Americans that have benefited from Her, hoard their pile in a corner!

Before We take Bread from the mouths of the truly poor (some call it 'entitlement reform'), we need to gaze intently at areas within Government that are Glutted with rife and abuse, and take it out of the fat man!
Like I said, before you strike the little man down, read through my blog post of June 2011 -   'Best Budget Plan'   :  


                                           for areas that need Chopping First and At the Foremost !