Tuesday, September 17, 2013


OK  at least twelve people murdered at the D.C. Navy Yard.  So, the questions arise again.  What is wrong with our Country that brought this on?
Well, I can see a couple of things right off the top!  This Killer had previous displays of Violence but still was given a Security Clearance to enter a 'Classified Defense Building'.
He had shot out the tires of someones vehicle, yet was never brought to Trial!?  He shot a bullet through the ceiling of his apartment and again never taken to Court!
A Glaring Problem with Our Country is that the 'So-Called' Experts on Society and Crime, the Ones teaching in Our Universities and the majority Holding down Legislative Offices all across this Country, as well as those holding the top jobs in the news media, truly believe that we are all just born Angels, and Man is Inherently good.  It is those pesky inanimate objects - Guns - that are causing all the problems, not the MEN and WOMEN  that Pick Them Up and Use Them!
Those People, the 'So-Called Experts' feel NO ONE  is really to Blame for Their Actions and that We MUSTN'T INFLICT PUNISHMENT UPON CRIMINALS because They Feel, that Only makes Them Worst!
They tell us to NOT CORRECT OUR CHILDREN by Spanking, but just to Talk Them Down!
Oh and if Anyone Shoots His Neighbors Tires Out, It's Better to Just Give 'em a Light Talking To, telling Them It really wasn't Their Fault!
Our Nation Did Do Something Right in the early Nineties!  The Three Strikes Your Out Laws!    Crime Statistics have Fallen Off since then.  The Statistics don't lie!   CONSEQUENCES IN RESPONSE TO WRONG ACTIONS!   Those Crime Stats are beginning to tweak back up as California is now releasing their Three Strikes Criminals OUT instead of raising revenue and constructing needed new Prisons.
The 'Bleeding Heart Experts' have Propagandized the Idea that Murderers need not Pay for their Deed with Their Own Life, but that we Must be Feeding and Clothing Them for the Rest of Their Natural Lives!  Then in Many States They are Still Let Out of Prison after a Few Short Years.
This is the Problem with Our Country: Crime is NOT DEALT WITH ADEQUATELY.   So We Have More of What We have been Getting!   No Need to Ask a lot of Questions about it all!
Going back to the Navy Yard Shooter.  I'm sure that if His Previous Outbursts had been ADEQUATELY Processed through the Justice System, then his Application to a Security Clearance would have been FLAGGED PROPERLY and the Clearance Denied and He Never would have been in that Navy Building.
Instead of a Realistic Approach to Law and Order, We've adopted a System based on APPEARANCES and SUSPICION OVER REALITY!!    Those Societal Experts are Saying "Just take guns away from every American That has a Mental Illness Diagnosis and that will Solve All the Problems".
Yet If We did that, how would Those Citizens defend themselves Against Thugs ?
This hair-brained Faulty Jurisprudence Logic we are being fed, also explains how the Black Man in Charlotte was GUNNED DOWN by Police Officers when All He was doing, was Looking for some help after his Car stalled...