Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Well what are we looking at here?   Government Default?
   There are many millions of Americans that worked over the years, and now they are elderly or certifiably disabled to work any longer, they are relying on their Social Security Benefit, also Veterans who once walked the perimeter of America's Defense and need their VA Pension each month to arrive wholly upon the following month.  Many Millions living check to check without any appreciable savings left in their bank account.  Suddenly, when no funds arrive, this stimulus on the Economy which has helped sustain retail in this nation will be GONE!  Not mentioning millions of disabled and elderly going without Food or able to pay the Heat bill!  The retail and utility industries will be laying off workers by the thousands.  On top of that, the disabled and elderly will be Pressed back into Competing for what slim-pickings will be in the Labor Market!  That would force wages down everywhere.  Crime and the cost of crime would increase as people would do whatever just to survive.
Those in Nursing Homes that qualified for Medicaid by use of their Social Security Check will be thrown-out, back on their families or the street!!  How many DEATHS will result?
    All this on Our Fellow Americans and a Feasible Depression on the World Economy leading to more War, because some lame-brained politician signed a pledge, 

"I will not raise a tax" .   Well People, Jesus told us "Pay to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's"!  GOD has a way of extracting payment upon a nation when his laws of charity toward the poor are Not Adhered To. It's Not Something To Be Desired !
PS-   We must get a Balanced Budget and Debt Repayment Schedule Amendment Ratified as Soon as Possible.  As well as Social Security and Medicare MEANS-TESTED.