Saturday, March 29, 2014

If you haven't bought a ticket to the Noah movie -- DON'T!!!

 What a waste of Time! I had to walk out 3/4 of the way through. They twisted the 'word of god' six ways to one. I had seen the trailer and knew the Bible didn't mention an Army coming against Noah headed by Tubal-cain, however I thought I'd give 'em the benefit of that doubt. The whole thing was a train wreck from the beginning and kept getting worse each scene.
The earth was a rocky waste, unlike what the Bible describes and science knows was a verdant misty place, huge Dinosaurs could survive in.
Fallen Angels in this movie were Rock-Creatures that 'HELPED' Noah!
It got even weirder when the flood came and two of Noah's sons had no Wives on the Ark, but somehow Tubal-cain made it on board.
I had enough, when Noah a Righteous Man of God and the Father of Us All determined He was going to kill his grandchild (while on the Ark) so All His Family would go extinct for their sins.
This movie is Hollywood Gobbledygook at it's Best!
If you haven't already> Please Read the Bible for Yourselves.<
This movie Deserves to Bomb-Big-Time!