Monday, August 18, 2014

Ferguson USA

This is an overview and my opinion of events in Ferguson Missouri.  At Present, I still believe the U.S. is the greatest country in the world.  I also believe that Police have a Very Tough Job.
     However, It appears that Racism is still alive and well in the U.S.   In this case within my home state of Missouri.
It's quite the Coverup by the entrench 'White' Apartheid government of Ferguson.
      How long did they believe they could keep up the Charade?   How long do so many Cities within the U.S. believe they can suppress the Negro Race.   It must be done by Vote Tampering!  How else is it explained that over sixty-five percent of the population of the town is Negro and the Mayor and five of six City Council members are Caucasian.   The Town is reported to have Fifty Policemen and only Three are Black.  The Officer that killed the Eighteen year old in fact Lives Eighteen Miles Outside of Ferguson!  I'd be a bit Tense if I was a Black Person living under such a Situation!
     The Best thing that the Authorities in Ferguson, St. Louis County, and the State of Missouri must do is Come Clean with all the facts about this Killing!  Don't try to shield by way of the Good 'Ol Boy Network any wrongdoing by this particular Police Officer - Darren Wilson.  The only photo of this Officer to emerge a whole week after this Execution is something his own father posted on Facebook !?    This proves a cover-up is going on when the Authorities have 'NOTHING' to say.
   For years I've heard about the many Dead People Voting around St. Louis.
        Generally in this Country, Poor Citizens are shut out of the Political Process whether White or Black, due to the Cost of Running Campaigns! 
         The American Flag We so value is 'Totally-Trashed' if It doesn't Promise Freedom for All the Citizens of the Nation!  Especially for the Ones that were dragged here with irons about their neck.
        I don't believe in Reparations or anything like that, and many Blacks are doing fine with fat Sports Contacts etc.    But how in the world can you fear another human being so much to Continue in this Twenty-First Century, the Oppression of Your Fellow Man ???   The only thing that would spark a so-called Race War between Blacks and Whites would be, continuing with this Scam!   For an example of the stupidity of some people in authority, when I wrote my State Representative 'Galen Higdon' that there ought to be a law requiring the racial percentage makeup of all Police Forces to be Equal to that of it's City as a whole.  This is what he said in a reply email:  "We have a plan in place called profiling   Lets wait to see what the investigation reveals." !?   
     I want to see All the Facts about this case laid bare on the table.   The only justifiable cause for Anyone including a Policeman to Kill a Person is for Justifiable Self-Defense or that of the General Public's Safety.
     We've had conflicting reports about eye-witnesses on the scene.   Reports of witnesses are 'Dismissed' by the media.
From an autopsy , We are hearing that the man was shot from a DISTANCE not at point blank range, which could mean he was trying to get away from being Executed'    

Why did This Man get a death sentence Imposed for walking in the street of an Apartment Complex ??    It never came out that Mike was a Suspect in a store heist, until several days later.   Why the wait?   Whether or not  he was wanted for anything is immaterial when it comes to a Justifiable Killing by a Peace Officer!   If Mike had tried to choke the Officer or Punch Him with his Fist, there is justification for drawing the gun, but SIX SHOTS  NO.   THAT'S JUST ANGER!  MAYBE MURDER!      Of the six Bullets entering Mike, one was shot from a Downward Trajectory into his right eye, another into the Top of His Skull.