Sunday, November 02, 2014

So What is Islam?????

It apparently is a Sick, Twisted Religion!   A religion that teaches to murder in the worst conceivable manners!  Much like the Ghoul Hitler and his Minions; or indiscriminate Bombings which maims and kills in the most detestable way.
      Anyone that states Islam is a Religion of Peace is gone totally off beam! 
     In the Quran, 'Lying' is highly advised as a form of interpersonal communications! 
  That religion thrives on hysteria and anarchy.
Only Criminals could possibly be  attracted to the Muslim Condition.  Some kind of Insanity!
         They have No Purpose without Death being involved in the Practices.  It's Very apparent in all its recent actions Worldwide!
   They also Kidnap, as in Africa.  Do Baptists Kidnap?  Do the Buddhists?  NO Just the Muslim!   If, there is any kind of Intolerant religion, Islam is IT!
   Being born into the Muslim Religion, is quite similar to one being born into a Cosa Nostra Family with all the attending Disdain from Mankind!     If You, Reading this are bound in that Religion, I can only tell you to Listen to the 'Good-Voice Within' for Your Own Fulfillment in Life, and NOT Blame Others Outwardly with Violence.