Sunday, May 17, 2015

Philadelphia Amtrak Wreak. Would you also like to Buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

The only logical conclusions about the Philadelphia Amtrak Wreak would be:
          The Engineer Brandon Bostian fell asleep and leaning against the control stick, or may of had a first-time seizure.
   Highway Drivers fall asleep all the time! 
 Putting two in the control-cabin certainly seems a low-tech solution for Passenger Trains! 
  If he was asleep, his attorneys would be looking for any kind of excuse to say he didn't.   

  [The Best Policy for Anybody or Entity is to
        Tell The Truth !]
    It doesn't seem possible he would have wreaked the train on purpose.  Most humans would not deliberately send themselves into such a scenario, unless they felt their own chance of survival was good. (He wasn't hurt bad.)
      Any other logical possibilities would be that those facing loss of huge amounts of money, such as the Companies and investors  making this '
Positive train control (PTC)'or those in government in line to get kickbacks by it, which at the exact same time Congress was passing legislation to Cut that spending;  They either contracted with Brandon to deliberately wreak the Train, or possibly through a combination of drugging him and / or hypnosis and subterfuge caused the wreak, in order to 'Show the World' that PTC is still very much needed, so as Not to Lose their Incomes! 
   In any of those latter cases, the criminal penalties would be for Murder.
     If this is a massive cover-up, no outcomes will be the outcome!  This 'something hit the train' is really a Stretch!  If they think that can be 'sold' to the public and a jury; They will stick to it!