Sunday, April 17, 2016

Donald a Loose Cannon but Right Again!

Donald Trump is Right-On about the Political System being 'Rigged', 'Corrupt', too Complicated!   Most every American would agree with that, except when they are overall opposed to Mr. Trump as Possible President!
      Democracy (Republicanism is a type of Democracy), ought always be Beautiful in its Simplicity.   So fair, just, and transparent, a child in an American Elementary School would be able to explain its details!
   This talk about designating an individual as nominee of one of the Major two Parties, who has not even been in the race up to the Convention is nothing short of Third World Politics!
   Sure the rules have not changed in some of these States since the 1800's that still hang on to the Caucus or Convention system for choosing President.   But would you be happy eating a Bundt Cake that has been sitting around since the 1800's ?
     If the system is not completely above board for all the Citizens participating in choosing Our President, than it Stinks like being Rotten!
  In too many of these County Caucasus/Conventions, whomever has Commandeered the Proceedings before the Citizens ever begin arriving will usually quickly pass through their Slate of Delegates before any other business occurs in a hushed under the breath tone with a voice (Ayes - Any Opposed) vote!
    The Unbound or Super Delegates is Corruption at the highest level and a return to Eighteenth Century Monarchy!!  
In America at the bare minimum, It Much Always be One Person One Vote!
    As Well,   any American needs to have their Head Examined if they are for maintaining the current Campaign System where Private Money gives a Complete Advantage to the wealthy over every other social class !  This only perpetuates the weakening of Our Country by the 'Buying' of
the Government !!!!
   In today's age of instant Communications via the Internet, etc.,  the Possibilities are endless for a Updated  Purer Democracy!   Or maybe you're one that prefers to continue driving a Ford Model A down the Interstate instead of a
new  Model
2016 !?