Thursday, September 15, 2016


Who among you agree our Elections need revamping?
I've constructed a maybe 28th Amendment.
" In All Elections: Within the United States and its Territories: only Citizens of the U.S. that have preregistered and have resided within the U.S. or Territories at least one year out of the last Ten excepting those on Military Deployment, may Vote.
Only two Party Ballot designations shall be used: Liberal and Conservative. Equal Access to either Ballot designation for all Citizens of the United States shall not be denied for running for office or voting, per all other election laws. Only Candidate names shall appear on ballots with no other designations. Candidate Names will be listed on the ballots in random order. A Candidate may file under only one ballot designation, Liberal or Conservative and only for one office per election cycle. In Primary and General Elections, the Conservative and Liberal list of Candidates shall be on one ballot, separated on right or left of ballot and chosen which side by chance each election . Voters may vote for any candidates on either the Conservative or Liberal side of the ballot, but no more than one candidate per office. No Independent candidate or write-in names or Party names are allowed on Election Ballots. General Elections shall pit by Office the two Candidate that received the highest number of votes from the Conservative and Liberal Ballot Races.
Nonpartisan, At-Large Elections are also permissible, possibly for a State’s U.S. House Seats, provided no voter may pick half or above the number of seats contested. Sortition may be used to narrow the number of Candidates on a Ballot, or Run-Off Elections where only those Candidates receiving the vote within the top Majority of all votes cast, may move forward to the next run-off. To appear on Ballots All Candidates and the Campaigns for and also an open delegation committee of those against all ballot measures, at all levels including President and Vice President must complete questionnaires provided by their State, Territories, National or local district, containing all the major issues agreed to by Open, Independent Commissions, and agree to be videotaped in which the Candidate or Campaign and Opposition Spokesman of Ballot Measures may speak whatever they choose for the allotted amount of time, per Office sought. As well equal space for additional comments on the surveys must be provided. Even Judge Candidates must meet this requirement. The videotapes or audio of, must also be aired on a loop until the election within each district on all Publicly Owned Media/Airwaves, via eminent domain. All States and Territories must have easily accessed internet websites where this information is provided free to The People.
This Amendment will become Effective within the U.S. Constitution two years following Ratification. "