Friday, December 30, 2016


OK what's all this about Russia hacking the Democratic Party?   Well It is a Big Lie.   If our Computers are open and visible to the World, then it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to close the Gap, not Russia's.  People are going to Look Into a 'Glass House', regardless!!!!
Along with their Baby Killing, Opening Up the Girls High School Shower Room to both Genders, Gun-Grabbing, Slap on the Wrist for Murderers, Homo Enabling, and all their other far left ideas to bring down the American Nation around US all.  Another One of their Things is that they have no acknowledgment that Lying is Wrong !   E.g.  Hillary's lying and loss of the Election, because the American People could see right through her Lies.   Barack is a Shiite Muslim and he also Lies as part of his religion!!!!  ((in addition to that, he is acting very ''CHILDISH'' his last month in Office !))
    As soon as they saw Trump getting mileage out of his Positive Attitude toward the only other nation in the world that with a press of a button could wipe US off the map; Well they began the Lie about Russia (needing a 'Boogie-Man' to blame their Incompetency On), hacking their computers and according to them, threw the election Trump's way.   What a bunch of LOSERS!      The Mainstream Media which couldn't predict the outcome of the election, is still at it and going right along with this 'Current Lie' as well !
   Once these LIARS/LOSERS within the Democratic Party are KICKED to the Trash-bin of History, the People's Party in the US can get back to the People's Business !