Wednesday, January 11, 2017


1.     Sen. Cory Booker's portrayal in the Senate Judicial Committee and the Congressional Black Caucus,  in their heart they know Negro-Americans have a friend in Jeff Sessions,  however many of them are in the pocket of the Abortion Industry.  Those with Infant Blood dripping from their Fangs and green Cash falling from pockets; they have also joined with the Forces of Sexual Perversion, the same demons that also grabbed and eventually destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and many nations that soon failed after succumbing to those Demons to this day.   As well, These have bought into the Lie which tell US that a slap on the wrist for murderers and other Law Breakers is the Best Interest for Our Nation.  They also support the Illegal Invaders from the Spanish Speaking Nations, who are taking jobs from Negro Americans, that have been part and parcel of the Success of  our Country for 300 yrs.
Senator Sessions is unquestionably a Righteous man and if he had been alive during the Civil war, he would have left the South and would have Lent his Great Legal Abilities to Abraham Lincoln's Administration.

2.   Those that illegally stand-up and shout and yell inside the Halls of Our Congress and at Other Events that are Conducting the Business of All The People, should be dissuaded of such Stinking disregard of Our Democratic Standards.   The honestly best method would be to 'Convict' each of them that Disrupt the People's Business and Sentence them to Six Months in the nearest Federal Prison to the Incident of their crime, without exception.  
Not taking them by the Arm and releasing them outside the Chamber, telling them "not to do it again".

3.  Dylann Roof, the 22yr old that gunned-down nine souls in the South- Carolina Church, and indeed Confessed of it.
   He is rightfully sentenced to Death.
However their are still eight slots open at the  Prison Death Chamber where he is to be Executed.  The Police and FBI need to be out Scouring to find those Responsible,  for Poisoning his young mind.   They are as guilty as he  for the murders, rather they be White Supremacist Leaders, Literature Authors, his family members, or whomever convinced or confused him to take those innocent Lives !!!!!!!!  They must also pay with their life for their Evil Deed!