Wednesday, November 01, 2017

More Halloween Bike Path Murderers Out There !

Whenever there are multiple murder victims, as in the NYC Bike Path Mayhem of Halloween 2017, every effort must be made by Law Enforcement to determine Who may have known of the Killer's Plot beforehand, and
made NO EFFORT to come forward in
Reporting it to the Authorities. 
     For Those Persons are
Just as Guilty of Murder as the Killer is !!
In that Murder, there were eight victims which can Never Speak for Themselves Again.
The Muslim Maniac is surely responsible for the first person he mowed-down to the grave.   Seven more 'Murderers' may still be roaming Free, not brought to Justice ! 
The Death Sentence is the Just Penalty
for 100% Sure Cases of Murder.
     It's hard to believe that his Wife wasn't somehow aware of his Planning.
 Why have We as an Advanced Computer Nation, not closed down by Now,
Terrorist Information and Directives coming into Our Nation over the Web ??
     Are the Police / FBI and Prosecutors only being LAZY, not wanting to Investigate Further?
Do We Want to
Close-Down Terrorism in the U.S.A. or Not ? ?