Friday, February 22, 2008

Ballots NOT Bullets

This post is about the Serbian Anger at the U.S.A.'s acknowledgement of an Independent Kosovo. This episode just goes to show President Bush's complete lack of understanding of Democratic Principles. (despite his claim, that he is the President that requires the advancement of Democracy overseas), (as well the reason Iraq & Afghanistan are still in such a mess after five years of outrageous expenditures and Deaths, due to No Religious Freedom in those Constitutions, being approved by Bush; See my Post entitled 'Genocide'.) The accepted way a political entity breaks away from a mother nation, etc., is that a referendum be held within the entire nation (including the part that wishes independence). If the majority vote within both the Entire nation (which includes the vote in the smaller part) and the smaller part itself approve the Independence, Independence is Achieved. These Principles are written within our U.S. Constitution. (Article 4, Section 3) So, the Bush Administration has No Excuse for such Ignorance and Blunders!