Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Future of America & The World

Well it appears at this point, the National Media Machine has been given their marching orders in this Democratic race between Obama & Clinton. Whoever directs those orders, favors Clinton. It is now middle March and all we are going to see on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC until 28 August when the Democratic Convention closes is snipe-snipe-snipe-snipe-sniping against Obama and in favor of Clinton. People that rely on those news outlets have to realize what's being done to them, and just not be manipulated again. But it has begun in earnest now with this story on Obama's pastor, as soon as that fails something new will be introduced and shoved down America's throat against Obama by the Machine.
I am a pro-life, anti-war, middle aged, parent, white male opposed to tax-cuts for the well-off.
I haven't heard anything outrageous or over-the-top by Obama's retired pastor in those news clips. First of all America IS run by rich Whites. Also, the KKK DID originate in America and still DOES exist to a lessor degree. And God WILL damn America, like he has Judged every nation in history that CONTINUES in prideful sin! So I don't know what leg those doing the sniping have to stand on in this segment of attacks in favor of Clinton.
One thing I must comment on though, is if the melting pot of the world, the so-called last best hope for Mankind, America, can not overcome its own racism, then what leadership or hope is there for a World that simmers & stews in it almost constantly.